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Hello friends,  we have some things to tell you about. We  have been really busy.  I have been having time to get some things done, i.e. car maintenance, health checkups etc.  We had a great visit with April Davis. We also have had the chance to work on getting our civil association here in Guatemala. That allows us to be recognized as a legal organization here and open a Servants Hearts Ministries bank account, put vehicles and land purchased in the ministry name.

 OK, but first let me tell you about our visit with April Davis, our oldest daughter. She is the first of our children to come and visit Guatemala. She came all by herself, very brave girl. We had lots of good ministry opportunities. We installed stoves, passed out bibles, and water purification buckets to families. She got to go to ladies bible study time with Georgette. We went to Sunday worship service together, that was awesome. We took her to San Cristobal El Alto, and had a very nice lunch up on the mountain. I think she really enjoyed the stove installation work. At the house of Carla Luisa, she and Georgette both were given a full set of Indigenous Mayan dress. This family was so happy to have their stove. Carla Luisa is soon to be married to a youth pastor in Santa Maria de Jesus. She is a sweet young lady. 
11225301_937725209628084_6913748499782625513_nWe enjoyed having April here with us so much. We hope that she can return and bring some of her sisters with her, or our grandchildren, that would be nice.

This may come as a shock to some of you, but on the mission field some times you are so busy that you put off things that you should be doing all along, just don’t have the time to do them.  As an example, medical checkups, car maintenance. We do not want to cause any alarm, we don’t have any major medical problems, but just want to make sure everything is ok. We are going to go and have blood work done, and I am having some lower back pain and a little pain in my right hip that has been nagging for some time. Just going to have it checked out.

Also, we are applying for a civil association for the ministry here. Something you have to do to get legal recognition of your organization in order to be able to get a bank account, or vehicles reregistered in the ministry name. We have been trying to do this for some time and are just now making some good progress on it. Hopefully we should have that all finished up next month.

Now for the prayer request: Please keep us and our health checkups in your prayers. Also please lift up Obed, Ana, and their family Gary, Anita, and their family. Please pray for these medical checkups we are going to have and the civil association stuff. 


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