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Greetings from Guatemala, It has been a great month. another house built for a widow woman, and an average of 20 stoves per month. 

 We have some friends from our church here in Antigua who wanted to build a house for a little widow woman in Santa Maria de Jesus.  Her name is Antonia. So as it turned out it was a group of 5 women and Obed who built the house. Included in the house is the solar light kit, water filter bucket, kitchen, stove, and bunk beds.  It is such a blessing to be able to help the people like this.  This is a family from our church named the Senesac’s, Anita, Rachel, and Grace, also helping was Annie Thurber,  Obed and a friend of Anita’s. Thank you Anita and Annie for telling us about this widow and her needs.









We are now up to about 20 stoves a month. Thank you to all the people who make it possible for us to achieve this many stoves a month.

We are continuing with painting project on the feeding center at Santa Maria de Jesus.

We have a small team of men coming the 18th. of the month. These friends are from Florida.




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