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Hello all, and greetings,

We didn’t send out a newsletter last month so It was time to let you all know what has been happening.  First we would like to tell you about the feeding center at Santa Maria de Jesus. They have been adding children and we felt like it would be good to help out with some of the needs there for food. So we purchased 2- 35 gallon plastic barrels with good lids on them and then we purchased 200 pounds of black beans and 200 pounds of rice. They will still fix other things for the kids to go with that but at least that is something they will not have to purchase for a while.

Take a close look at this little girls face, she has black beans all over her face. Happy to be able to help with the nutrition of these little ones.  Santa Maria de Jesus is now feeding 270 kids lunch once a week.

We also have been working on panels for a water collection system going in up at Alta vera pass. The construction of the 25,000 gallon water holding tank is very neat to completion, so I am working on some panels here at my house that we will take up there around the first part of October. These panels are 5′ X 10′ and we will put them together to make a 20′ X 20 ‘” V”  shaped roof to catch rain water and hold it in the tank to be used during the dry season. This village has about 25 families with no water, I had gone up there a while back and tried to drill a well but struck out. It is up  on top of a mountain and It turned out to be a dry hole. So this is a good alternative because this part of Guatemala gets rain 7 months out of the year.

Next we would like to tell you about the stoves that are going in at San Juan, Sacetepequez. We were given funds from the Desperadoes Bible study group for stoves, and we have been given funds for stoves from some other good friends who like the idea of the stoves for poor families. I am installing at least 3 stoves a month, sometimes more. What an amazing blessing to the people here. Some of the greatest benefits to these stoves is the smoke is piped outside the home. The other great thing is they use much less firewood, 1/3 less. also it is safer, in that the children don’t get burned.

As for the prayer request for this month. Please pray for the water projects going on and for the feeding centers.  For the peoples lives  who were effected by the volcano eruption and the help going out to them. 


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