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Well we are back in Guatemala, and happy to be back. It is more and more like home to us here now.  We have been getting the house back in working order, getting caught up on bills and all.

Georgette’s bible study class is started back up, she went last Friday and had a great time.

We are in the middle of election time here and the first round of voting will take place Sunday Sept. 11th, seems ironic to me. There will likely be a runoff election about one month later. Presidential elections here are crazy with advertisement all over the place. Political rallies on the streets, that block up traffic, some times it can even turn violent. We have been told it is not wise to travel a lot during this time.

Before we came back we were able to get a lot of work done, I finished building the three cattle guards for Kinder Morgan, Georgette was able to do some house painting, and I did some yard work for our dear friend Elouise Lambert.









These are just some the things we did while there in Texas.

We are making plans for taking a load of food to Rio Bravo at the end of this week. It will be good to catch up with Pastor Freddie and the kids at the feeding center.

We also have plans for visiting with Pastor Freddie about the next location for an Ultra- Violet light water purification system. Just needed to get back here and get to working on it.

We were given 60 bible story books that the kids from summer camp bought for the kids of Guatemala, That effort was co-ordinated  by Virigina Trevy again. We will be splitting them up between the Sunday school classes at our church and the feeding center at Santa Maria De Jesus.  Thank you for making this blessing possible. The kids here do not have books, much less bible story books in Spanish, They just love these books.









The prayer request we ask you to keep before the Lord is : The efforts through our church here as they reach out to the homeless of Antigua Guatemala. The guidance from the Lord in drilling wells. Georgette’s English class as she builds relationships with those folks. Thank you for covering us in prayer. 

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