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Greetings from Guatemala, We returned to Guatemala the 1st. of September and have been busy with many different things. It was so nice to have time in Texas to see all our friends and family, but it was nice to get back here too.

I guess the first thing to bring you up to date on is the things at Casa Shalom. There is a group of missionaries from New York who donated a large amount of money to get the road repaired, this road runs all the way through the orphanage and was in bad shape so about 1/3 of it was completed when they ran out of money, and are just waiting on the Lord for the rest. But none the less they wanted to have a road dedication and to say thanks to all the folks who made that possible.

Another thing we are going to be working on is a chicken house. I am going to plumb it for water and install feeders. Soon Casa Shalom will be raising enough chickens to meet the needs for their consumption there. This will save the orphanage a lot of money.

Georgette will be doing some painting and then planting some flowers at the orphanage, And I will also do some roof repairs, build some guard lights, and improve the security fence. Just to name a few things on our list. Next to tell you about is Rio Bravo. We are very excited about the great things the Lord is doing for Rio Bravo. The feeding program is expanding from 130 children to 200 and they needed more freezer space so through your gracious giving we were able to purchase 2 freezers and take them to Rio Bravo. Then those freezers were stocked with ham, and hot dogs, bread, and other foods. Then 2 days later we returned with a truck load of more food. 400 lbs. of beans, 400 lbs. of rice, 250 lbs. of sugar, 200 lbs. of (incaparina) that is a protein drink much like ensure. 400 lbs. of powered milk, 300 lbs of oatmeal, 100 lbs. of coffee, 400 lbs. of (maseca) used for making corn tortillas, 50 lbs. of tomatoes, 130 lbs of onions, 50 pineapples, 200 oranges, 30 small watermelons, 50 small cantaloupes, 16 bags of pancake mix, 1 bag makes 200 pancakes, 25 boxes of tang breakfast drink, 12 large cans of Koolaid. All this is enough food to feed these kids breakfast for about 6 weeks. The total cost was $2,500.00, what a blessing it is to see the improved health of these children.

While we were there We purified water for the community of Rio Bravo. The largest water project we have set up so far it is two 2,500 liter tanks of good clean drinking water to be given away to the families there, that should be enough water for about 100 families for 6 weeks, to take to their homes. It does no good at all for them to have good clean water just at the feeding center, because then they will go home and drink bad water and get re infested with parasites. So we now have it set up for them to take good water home, as much as they wish for free. God is so Good. For your info. 2,500 liters is just a little over 660 gallons.

Ok now we want to let you know about Charlie and Pats school and the parade they do every year close to the end of the school season. It is so cute to see all these precious children all dressed up and marching through the streets of Chimaltinango and so proud of the school they represent. These two missionaries have done so much for the improvement of Buena Vista, and Chimaltinango they may never know the full outcome of their work there. But God does, One day we will too.

And now for our prayer request for this month, Please pray for safety as we drive around here. We always want to be a good witness to the people of Guatemala. The things we do here pray that we would show the love of Jesus. Thank you for keeping us covered in prayer.

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