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Greetings from Texas,

I am sure many of you already know My mother, Zola Kornegay passed away on Thursday Oct the 10th, In Lubbock, Tx. She had been having some problems for some time so while it is so very sad to lose her, we are happy she is no longer in pain. She is now praising our Lord Jesus.

Just before we came home to Texas I was contacted by pastor Edy in San Juan with some problems with his well. I went to look the problem over and discovered that the intake screen on the sub-pump had a small amount of build up on it, restricting the flow. I cleaned the pump intake and reinstalled it in the well and it is working fine now. This is a new well for a new church there.

Then I also had gone and purchased a truck load of stoves (6) that is the most my truck will haul. Took them home and unloaded them all. Then took one up to Santa Maria de Jesus and installed it in this little old grandmas house. She was so very thankful to receive it. She just cried and gave the glory to God. That is what I love most about what we get to do.











Around the 24th of Sept I got an e-mail from my brother that mom was in the hospital and not doing well. She had chocked on some food and then gotten  aspirated pneumonia. But she was in the hospital at Lubbock and in good hands. We shouldn’t worry.  Then It didn’t get any better, they had to reinsert the breathing tube for the respirator machine and suction her lungs regularly. Then on the 4th of October we got a call from dad and said we should probably come home. So Georgette and I got airline tickets to Lubbock and Flew in there on the 6th of October. We got to spend a little over 3 days with her before she passed on the 10th.  It was and still is a bitter-sweet thing.  She was and has been having medical problems for some time. Parkinson’s, Diabetes, back pain, hearing loss, mobility, and stability problems. So we are happy that she no longer has these problems. She has a new body free of pain, and is Rejoicing with our Savior, and Lord. But it still hurts and we will miss her always.  A very Dear pastor friend said it best when he sent me a note with is quote from Vance Havner.  ” Nothing is really lost, when you know where it is!”   I really like that and it helps because we sure know where mom is.

It is hard to express how moved we all have been with the way the body of Christ has really taken care of our family during this difficult time. The friends of my parents and church members have just covered us up with Love, Prayers, Kindness, Food, Encouragement, and all we could ever ask for. Thank you all so much.

We plan to stay in Snyder for a while to help Dad and brother with some things.



And now for the prayer request of the month. First we want to Thank everyone who prayed for my mom and  sent words of encouragement during this tough time.  Please continue to pray for the family. Also for our safety as we return soon. Then please also pray for the up coming teams that will be visiting Guatemala. 

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