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Giving God all the Glory for the amazing honor to be used of him. Well we have got to tell you all, that the last part of September and first part of October has been very busy, Praising God for all the great things we have had the privilege to be a part of.

We have installed 5 high efficiency wood burning stoves, in various different regions here. We went to Alta VeraPaz and installed water collection panels over a 25,000 gallon holding tank. And we went to Taxcisco Guatemala and drilled a water well for a youth camp there named Palabara De vida. (Word of Life). All these things are made possible by the body of Christ coming together to help the poor.

These stoves are a great blessing to the people here because they use 1/3 less wood to cook with, the smoke is piped outside of the home, and the children don’t get burned as easily. They cost $115 each and take about 2 hours to install.  The families that we have been able to do this for are so thankful and happy to have them. One family gave us some food, and another gave us 2 dozen roses. They might not have much but are happy to give what they have to say thank you.

The water collection panels are an idea that I had after I went to Alta VeraPaz and didn’t have any luck in making a water well for them. We drilled to 120 feet and had water in the well till it stopped raining, then the well dried up. So the next best thing was for the workers there to build an underground storage tank of 25,000 gallons. That will serve about 40 families, they will try to make it  last for 4 months while it does not rain. I built the panels and took them up there and installed them on top of the tank. They will let the tank start to fill up this week. We will see how long it takes to fill. I’m guessing maybe 6 weeks.

Then we went to an area in the Southeast of Guatemala and drilled a water well for a youth camp. This camp is called Palabra De Vida or ( Word Of Life ) and regularly has 100-150 kids there and they just simply run out of water, so they needed another well and could not afford to have one drilled. This camp also does a large amount of work with kids who have been to jail or involved in gangs. We drilled to 30 feet and already in water. We supplied them with a pump and the well is making about 35 gallons per minute. Praising God we could help.

And now for the prayer request for this month, Bob will be going to Haiti this week to look at putting in a water purification system in conjunction with International Orphan Support while Georgette stays in Guatemala, so please pray for safe travels and for Georgette at home. Please pray for mission teams who will be coming soon, That God would do mighty things in their lives and for the people of Guatemala. Also please join us in giving God the praise for all things in our lives. 

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