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Hello to all, we have been back in Guatemala for a little over a month now and are just loving what God is doing here in and through us.

We were able to give some bible story books to small children in Santa Maria De Jesus a small village that we have been visiting not too far from our church in Antigua. They have a feeding center there and are feeding lunch to about 120 kids once a week. We also took some of them to the Sunday school classes at our church here, Iglesia Del Camino. Those bible story books came from the contributions of the children of summer camp, held at Snyder girls and boys club. They were purchased by Virginia Trevey and then we brought them back with us after our summer visit to Snyder.






Next, I would like to tell you about something that is very exciting going on in Brazil, yes that is correct, we have in a  round about way helped with a water system in Brazil. While home this last summer we were contacted by a young man named Bryan Holaman who goes to Brazil and he explained some problems that he was having with a lot of iron in the water over there. We visited and had hamburgers at his fathers house there in Snyder, I gave a few suggestions, then started praying for his work over there. God helped him work out all the problems and now he is providing clean pure drinking water for many people.  Giving God all the glory.






Who knows other than God, maybe some day we can go to Brazil and see first hand the clean water.

Also while home this summer we were asked to go to Lubbock and visit with Lakeridge Methodist Church about water ministry and the things we are doing here. We are happy to tell you that they have decided to help with both the water ministry and the Rio Bravo feeding center. Praise God for those who are willing to help meet the needs of those less fortunate.  Almost the same day that we heard about the news that they wanted to join in and help, I had a visit with pastor Eddie de Mattra here in San Juan Sacatepequez who needs a water well. They are currently getting water from the village, but they get water only every other day and the water they get is badly contaminated.The picture below is Pastor Eddie and his son and the location of the well. Nothing like drilling a water well in driving rain storms. Also a photo of the water they have now.






If we are successful at making a good well, he told me that from his church he would be able to give away pure drinking water to about 3,000 people, plus the 250 that are in his congregation.

At our church Iglesia del Camino, I was asked if I could help with building a covered parking area for their vehicles. So myself and 3 other workers started building the I beams that will hold the roof. It is not yet finished but here are some photos of the beginning  work.











We don’t have any photos yet, but we are working on another pure water station in Rio Bravo, when completed that will make Number 5 there. I took another load of food to Rio Bravo earlier this week. If you have not already heard we are having heavy rains here right now. It is close to the end of rainy season and the ground is already saturated and now these heavy rains are causing lots of problems with mudslides and flooding.  So after I got that load of food unloaded at Rio Bravo, I came back home as quickly as possible so as to not get caught in a mudslide.






So please keep the country of Guatemala in your prayers as we are having lots of flooding and peoples homes getting washed away. Also please pray for us as we continue to try to show the Love of The Lord to people here who may not know him. 






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