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Greetings from Guatemala, We are very happy to bring you the latest news from Guatemala. We have a lot to share this month so please bear with me. First of all we have been very busy at Casa Shalom and other areas as well, At Shalom we have installed new swings for the kids, these swings were provided for by the woman’s bible study class (Esther) at First Baptist Church Snyder, repainted some rooms that are used for housing teams, put plumbing in the chicken houses for water, also there will be one room of the chicken house used for one or two small pigs. One thing that makes life a little easier for me, is that we moved the trailer that we moved down here in, out to Casa Shalom and I have converted it into a small shop and tool storage area. I have also been helping a house dad, at Shalom who is a mechanic to install an overhauled motor into this small Kabota tractor.

We went to a small village here up in the mountains above a city called Amatitlan to look at helping with water. And, oh my Gosh do they need help with water, I saw the tank that holds their drinking water at one school and it had leaves, debris, and mosquito larvae swimming in it. We have set up one water tank and want to set up about three more, These tanks will store purified water for the school and surrounding community. On the side of the tank I painted (La sed no mas) it means (thirst no more).

Clean drinking water is something that most of us take for granted, but these kids and their families can’t afford to buy good water so they drink bad water. We are trying to provide good clean drinking water to the entire community for free.

Guatemala is rated as the fourth highest in the world for chronic malnutrition according to the (World Food Programme).” It is the highest in all Latin American countries and the Caribbean. It is currently rated to be at 49.3% for children under 5. In the rural areas of the country where the indigenous population is concentrated in the highlands of Guatemala the situation is worse, seven out of ten children under 5 are malnourished” WFP states that “one reason for this high rate of malnutrition is due to natural disasters: hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, are recurrent events which damage the livelihoods of an unprepared population in vulnerable areas, most of these rural areas lack water and sanitation systems and have a limited access to adequate diet due to income restrictions.” We are working to help these areas primarily with good water first. This information came from I would just like to say thank you for your support so we may continue to help with water for these folks.

We have been honored this week to have two gentleman visiting Casa Shalom from Boston, Mass. They are Paul Burke, and Kevin Petitti. Both have sponsored children in the orphanage and have been a great help this week. They installed safety latches on drawers and cabinets in the baby house, helped me put in a drainage line for the playground, repaired water leaks on the roof above the kitchen, purchased gravel for the playground, held a pizza party for the kids and many other things. So a great big Thank You for these two new family members of Shalom.

And now for the prayer request for this month, Please pray for strength and perseverance as we try to do what we can for the people of Guatemala, pray for safety as always, For the spreading of the Gospel, The people in official offices for people of integrity and higher morals. Join with us in giving praise for the things he has already helped us to do here.

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