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Greetings from Guatemala, Actually from Canada we are here in Canada visiting our daughter and son in law we have a new grandbaby. His name is Parker Nathaniel Diguangco he is 2 weeks old today. We are having a great time with them.

Sorry there wasn’t a newsletter last month, but we were pretty busy standing in the gap for Pat and Charlie while they were in the states for six weeks. We were making sure construction continued as usual, ordering materials, and construction on the fence surronding their house. I built two guard lights for the front yard and will build two for the back yard. We also moved them into the house while they were gone. All in all the time went really fast because we were very busy. It was nice for them to be able to walk into their new house when they got back.

Also while they were gone, Guatemala observed their Independence day. The Christian school took part in a community wide parade, the celebration lasted all weekend. There were 45 schools total participating in the parade. It was nice to get to be a part of this celebration.

We have alot of vegatables growing and will be ready soon to give away to the community. We have broccoli, cauliflower, onions, tomatoes, and squash but we don’t think the squash is going to do very well.

We will be able to do alot of work on the school soon, because when we get back school will be out for three months.

We would like for you to please keep these prayers lifted up to the Lord, my mom’s health, our safe return, work on the school, the school children while out of school for three months, continued safety on the rods and our health.

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