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Hello from Guatemala, As we move into the holiday season, We’d like to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you that has either prayed for us, supported us, came and helped us on a team or as an individual. There just are not words to express our thankfulness and gratefulness.  We pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We’ve been busy here taking care of ourselves so that we will be in our best health for this next year of ministry. Bob and I both had blood work done, which came back normal, all my tests were normal. Bob had an MRI done which showed he has a herniated disc, so he is taking physical therapy, doing exercises, and losing some weight to help correct the problem. We’re thankful to finally know of his problem and be able to do something to relieve the pain he was having.

We have had some friends that came for language school for 4 weeks, and were able to fellowship with them on the week-ends. Bob took a trip to Rio Bravo to change UV bulbs and replacing filters. I’ve been checking on our families in SMDJ. Our ministry, along with Adventures In Missions installed 10 stoves in Cuidad Vieja. They have also purchased through our ministry 40 water bucket filters to distribute. I’ve been meeting with members of BuildinGuate to coordinate projects for the women  living in the dump at Esquintla to make and sell. BuildinGuate is a ministry with the purpose of feeding the people that live in the dump, building them permanent housing, and sending the children living there to school. They also have medical care available for them.









Prayer requests are: prayers for up-coming teams safety, health, and receiving what God has for them while here. Bob’s back.

We look forward to our time in the states for the holidays. We pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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