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Greetings from Guatemala, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  It has been a busy month. First of all I had a very successful trip to Haiti. It was mostly an information gathering trip. I took water samples and they are being analyzed to determine what type of system will be needed. I visited an orphanage that has a water well but they are very close to the ocean so the water is salty. We will be trying to help them with a water desalination unit in the near future. I will keep you all posted .

We were contacted by an orphanage here that is under construction, it is in a village called Sumpongo. They have a hand dug well there that is very old. Currently it is 271 feet deep. It is hard to imagine a well that deep and a person on a rope in the bottom. They bring the dirt out with a 5 gallon bucket. The well has an old pump in it that doesn’t work anymore. So we installed a sub-pump wired it all in, but the well doesn’t produce water fast enough to keep up with the sub-pump. So that means that we are going to have to pull the pump back out, and have the well cleaned out and deepened some. We think this plan will work. We are praying that it will. Pray for the guys who will be cleaning it out. 

We have had some visitors here this last week. Jerry and Temi Webb came for  a week and a few days. They did some great ministry up in the mountains of Santa Maria de Jesus. They took food to 15 families installed 2 stoves and prayed with the families to try and help them see the damage that un forgiveness can do to your relationship with God. It was a growing time for the families and good time of ministry for us all. They really have a heart for working with the people up there. It is good to see God working in their lives to help in that area.

I am sure that you all have heard that we had a pretty strong earthquake here a couple of weeks ago. We are all OK and no damage done to our house or anything. However there are a lot of people near the Mexico border who have lost Loved ones homes and are hurting badly. We ask that you would keep them in your prayers. Our church here has done a drive to gather up items needed to help them out. They did very well in getting a large amount of household things together for them. What a blessing it is to be able to help.

We have been asked to help with drilling a water well in the Southern part of Guatemala, in a small town called Retalhuleu. It is going to be for helping out with a school and feeding program there. A missionary friend of mine is the one who connected me with these folks and it is a good distance over there, 3 hours by car. So I wanted to go and look the place over before we committed to trying to drill. He said, would you like to go and look by helicopter? I said OK. So I was given a ride to the area in a helicopter, this country is beautiful to begin with, but even more so in a helicopter.

We have some other Texas folks who will be arriving here tomorrow. It is Joey and Bobbie Forbes along with their 2 sons, Stanley and Austin. Joey and Bobbie were here about 8 months ago. They will be staying one week and we will go and do food ministry house to house in Santa Maria de Jesus, also we will install 3 stoves and 3 water filters. It is going to be a great time with this Sweet family. They too have such a giving heart for the people here. We are looking forward to a blessed time this them all.


And now for the prayer request for the month. We ask that you pray for the teams that will be coming this month and next. That they will be able to minister to the people here and show the Love of Christ. Also please pray for the people of Guatemala who are hurting and lost family in the earthquake, please pray for the efforts that are going into helping those folks. Please pray for all the water projects, we have a lot of water work in the future. 

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