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Greetings from Guatemala, We have been busy this month with some work at Casa Shalom. Making some improvements to the water system. Tim and I have been working on making the water pump a little more automated with a float and cut off switch. We do not have it all worked out just yet but are getting closer.

We went to Rio Bravo with a team who came down from Maranatha Church, West Palm Beach, Florida. The feeding center needed some more food and the team brought 616 pairs of shoes for the kids. So we went early enough to serve the kids breakfast, then fitted many of them with shoes. Then left the rest with Pastor Freddy, who will give them away at a later date. The feeding center has really grown, on this day it is the most amount of kids I have seen here to date, there were 265 children eating breakfast.

Tim and I have been helping the Church with a project in a small village called Pastores. Back in June when Tropical storm Agatha hit there were many people who lost their homes. The Church has a group who have donated houses to replace 12 homes destroyed by the storm and mudslides, We have been helping with the plumbing. They are getting ready to bring the toilets so we currently are installing the sanitary flanges which will
hold the wax ring to seal the toilet to the floor.

We also went to visit with Pat and Charlie Reynolds, I wanted to introduce Tim to them, he will go and stay a week with them this month. While there, the teachers from their school came to visit also. We got to tour the place and the teachers all went to the prayer garden to look at the new cross they got. We all prayed for the Reynolds and their ministry there.

There was a team who came from Boston,and Louisiana, We took them to Rio Bravo with some food that they purchased for the feeding center. The team was Kevin, Paul, Trevor, Patrick, all from Boston, And Pam who is from New Orleans. Great team, and had a great time with them at Casa Shalom, and Rio Bravo.

While at Rio Bravo Georgette brought a book to give to one of her favorite little Girls there, Maria Cecilia. So she had to read it to her, and quickly drew a crowd of children who wanted to hear the story of the creation of

God’s earth. She read it right in the street and then all the kids wanted a book for her to read. Maybe we can get some more for them soon.

Georgette is teaching a Sunday school class at the Church and she is really enjoying it, the kids seem to like her too.

She only has to teach once a month. The last two pictures are of her english class in Antigua, they had a graduation ceremonies for them on October the 26th. They will be starting classes up again after the first of the year. Georgette will be teaching again and is already looking forward to a new year.

In one of the daily devotionals that we read every morning there is a quote from Dave Branon that pretty much
sums it up.

“Cross the divide. Take Christ to the culture-even if it doesn’t look anything like yours.”

And now we have some prayer request for this month, the church we are going to in Antigua is called Iglesia del camino which means church of the way, and it has been under a great deal of spiritual warfare lately, so please keep them in your prayers. Also please pray for our friend and intern here, Tim Gouge who is searching for God’s direction in his life as to where he is to serve in the mission field. We want to thank you for your continued support and prayers.

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