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Greetings from Guatemala, Wow what a month this has been. Well I guess one of the first things to tell you about is an old cement mixer. At Casa Shalom there was this old cement mixer it didn’t run and nobody knows for sure for how long it had just sat there. Most Guatemalans just mix cement on the ground in a big pile. I told them I would take a look at it. I was told that three other people had already looked at it to try to get it
working. There is a good deal of new construction going on so we could really use something like a working mixer. I fixed a fuel leak and put gas in it and it started. So we changed the oil and it is good to go.

There was a new entry gate installed and they wanted an automatic opener put on it. Not only is this more convenient for going and coming to Shalom but it is safer too. When coming onto the property especially at night you can now enter without leaving your car. This presented a nice challenge to me as the gate is 11 feet wide and the opener was only 8 feet so just had to do some extension work to the opener, but it works and works well Praise God.

One of the things that you have helped us to do is hold a soccer camp for the kids. Soccer or Futbol as it is called here is the biggest thing going. everyone loves futbol here. So we paid three professional trainers to come and hold a three day camp. The older gentleman on the left is our next door neighbor and has been doing this for 35 years. The kids loved it, One of the guys is also a pro player from Honduras. Many of these older boys already have a lot of skill and are great players. It was our Christmas gift to the kids. We used a donation from Esther bible study class to make this happen. We had to purchase 15 soccer balls and 10 cones for the camp.

We are preparing to have a thanksgiving feast for the home too. There is a team of eight coming from Florida and they are going to help fix it up good. We will cook 7 turkeys, corn on the cob mashed potatoes and gravy, all to feed somewhere around 70 people. Sounds good, I can hardly wait. Guatemalans don’t do dressing, but Georgette is fixing a big pan for the North Americans who will be here.

We are very happy to tell you about a new vehicle you have helped us to get. We have been trying to get a new truck for some time, And with the help of many donors we got this new KIA 3000 diesel truck. It is a 2 ton truck and is more narrow than the Dodge we have been using. It is also more common to this area which makes it safer to drive. The Dodge was very uncommon here and draws a lot of unwanted attention. We will be taking that Dodge truck to Charlie Reynolds who will use it as a water truck for their ministry. Thank you for helping us to purchase this new truck.

And now for the prayer request for this month, please pray for safety in the country, especially during the holiday season, Pray for the kids a Casa Sahlom, pray for our neighbors who we are trying to witness to, that they would see Jesus in and through us. Pray for the poor in the areas of Amatitlan and Rio Bravo and the ways we can help them.

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