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Greetings to all. We went to Haiti to install a reverse osmosis water purification system to remove the salt from the water at Destiny Village orphanage.  We had a good time with Joey and Bobbie Forbes and David Smith last month. They came to Guatemala for a week and did lots of ministring to the people here.

The Forbes, Joey and Bobbie have been here this being the third time. This time though they brought David Smith too. It was his first trip here. We had the opportunity to get lots of great ministry done. The day after they got here we went right to work, we installed an 8 gallon per minute water purification system at a church in San Juan. On Sunday we went to church and then had a good afternoon in Antigua. On Monday we installed a stove for a very nice yet poor family. Tuesday we built a house and installed a stove there too. As a way to say thank you the family fed us lunch, Pepian, it was so good.  On Wednesday we helped at the feeding center in Santa Maria de Jesus. That always includes playing with a bunch of kids.  Then we went and visited Casa Shalom orphanage that evening. On Thursday we installed 2 stoves one in Santa Maria de Jesus and another in Buena Vista. Then they had to leave on Friday.  So many people were blessed by the work these guys did. We praise God for their loving and giving hearts.









Thank you Joey, Bobbie, and David.


Next Georgette and I went to the northern part of Guatemala to an area known as Alta Verapaz, to help Naomi Haye, a friend, with some repairs and work on her house that she is preparing to be a home for special needs children. We spent 2 days working on water needs and painting touchup, hooked up a cloths dryer, and general repairs. It was God’s perfect timing, because the day we left to come home, the inspectors for the Guatemalan government came for a visit. She got a good report and a list of a few more things to be done before they start sending kids her way. I praise God daily for the privilege to live here and help people like this, who just want to serve others in his name.

While in Haiti we worked on installing this RO water purification system and that took all week. We had to put water storage tanks on the roof of one of the buildings, the one used for the kitchen and dinning room, had to run lots of plumbing, PVC pipe, and electrical connections. Praise God we got it all done and the system is working great. Not without some challenges though. This is the first time we have done this so there was some learning that took place, and then of course there was some re-do stuff, but all in all it went pretty well.  Also while we were there we got to go and visit some other orphanages in the area. Pastor Rick Whitter brought lots of blessings for those folks, it put lots of smiles on lots of kids faces. He brought cloths, shoes, balls, nutritional snacks, and purchased food for three different orphanages. He was also very instrumental in raising funds for the RO unit. Thank you to Pastor Rick and all who gave to the Lord for these blessings.He and Brother Rick Alford were both a great help with the work that had to be done for the RO unit too.



For the prayer request we as that you join us in prayer for Destiny Village that the water there would be a great witnessing tool there, that people from all around would come to receive the living water there. We pray for all the people who will be traveling soon for Church builders to Kentucky for safety. Thank you for lifting us up to the Lord. 

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