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Greetings again from Guatemala, First you may remember from the last newsletter us telling you about Abraham’s family and the way we have helped him in starting his welding business, well it seems that he and his brother are doing very well and have built some beautiful windows for their church.

Next, I have been working with and helping a new friend, Mike Parker from Oklahoma who in building a youth camp for both Guatemalan kids and American groups. It is called Camp Calvary. They will be able to accommodate about 50 people  and need  good pure drinking water. They already have a water well, hand dug and the water is very shallow, about 16 feet deep, however the water is not necessarily good. So what we are going to do is supply them with a submersible pump, pressure tank, Ultraviolet Light purification system, for the whole camp. This will make all the water in the camp drinkable.It’s a pretty large project and we have lots of work to do. Their plan is to have the camp open by the end of June. This camp will be a huge blessing to lots of people both in Guatemala and the states.

After the construction workers get the little house built over this well is when we will start with the other needed items. We are happy to be able to help Mike out with this work for the future of Camp Calvary.

Next we have a group of fellow Texans coming to visit the first part of June, It will be a group of 7 friends from Snyder and the surrounding areas. They have plans to install 3 energy efficient stoves, 3 water purification bucket systems, take family portraits for the homes, and bless 15 families with food bags that will have in them Beans, Rice, oatmeal, Incamparina a high protein drink, maseca, used for making tortillas, sugar, salt and oil. each bag will weigh about 40 lbs total. We want to say Thank you in advance to God for sending Jerry and Temi Webb and the group that will be making all this happen in just a couple of weeks.

Living here has given us the opportunity to get to know lots of people who have a heart of service to the Lord, we count this as an honor and a privilege given to us by God. We don’t want to ever make light of that honor. We cherish every friendship and every opportunity to help those who want to help the people of Guatemala.

For the Prayer request this month please join us in giving praise to God for the rain he has sent to the Snyder and West Texas area. Please pray for the teams who will be coming and working here soon,  for their safety, traveling to and from Guatemala. For the folks they will be ministering to.  

We give all the Praise to God for all these things.

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