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Greetings to all, We pray that all is well in your lives. Well we have a good bit to tell you about this month. First of all we have just about finished up painting the restoration center and it is really looking good. We have finished the construction of the metal framework for the covering over the second level patio. It is getting a good coat of paint before they put the material on top. It will not be metal like we do in the States it is called Lamina, and is made from a composite material, anyway it should look really good once that is done. Also the Reynolds have bought all the material for curtains so Georgette is busy making curtains for the upstairs dormitories and bathrooms.

We are proud to be able to tell you about our first visitors. For 2&1/2 days Megan Deloera, and friend Jordan Ellis, from the Semester at sea Ship (The Explorer) came and stayed with us. We took them to see The Restoration center, and Christian School, Antigua Guatemala, and Casa Shalom orphanage. Before arriving here they collected lots of clothes, shoes, and school supply’s from the folks on the ship to take to the orphanage and the school. It was a great blessing for the children to receive these gifts. Georgette did some good home cooking for them, it seems like they liked it. They along with about 700 other students had been all around the world on this ship as part of the college curriculum, this was the last port before returning home. It was a lot of fun. When we returned them to the ship we got to tour it and had lunch with them, That was nice.

And now for an update on the little girl we have been telling you about Sara Noemi. The family needed some help financially to have some operations for her to try to help her get her voice back. She had been in a bad accident and was on a ventilator for a long time and from the hole in her neck could not talk. Well we finally got to meet with the family and found out exactly what they were going to do and what they needed to get started with these operations. Made with your generous donations and also the donations of Rich and Lisa Geinsheimer from Pennsylvania, We were able to give them the funds needed to help this pretty little 5 year old girl get this first operation. They took her to get the first operation and that only consisted of inserting a tube to expand her esophagus and then this tube will need to be removed in about 3 months. Then from what I understand we may need to wait for a couple of years for her to grow a little more then maybe be able to repair the vocal cords. That part is just a wait and see right now. Anyway please be in prayer for this dear family. We are believing that one day we will get to hear Sara Noemi sing praises to the Lord.

Next we want to tell you about a team that is here from First Baptist Houston, They are a team of 8 medical professionals from Nurses, Doctors, therapist, and psychologist. They came on Sunday, Mothers Day, and we went to a really poor village called Santo Domingo, on Monday and did a one day clinic there. We saw about 150 people. They got a thorough examination and then received medications, including vitamins, and then if needed got to visit with a counselor. Then on Tuesday, Wednesday and part of the day on Thursday they were at the school. I have to tell you this is really a great need being met in the peoples lives not only physically but also spiritually. Before they even get in the gate they are presented with the gospel from the leader of this team and given the opportunity to pray to receive Christ. This Houston team is very organized and love serving the Lord in this way. As you can see Georgette got to do her specialty in the pharmacy. The team has been working free clinics for 4 days and will have seen around 570 people. That is not an exact number , but very close. We are so blessed to have giving people like this.

And now for the prayer request for this month, please pray for safety for us in this country, kids at the school, and their parents, the kids at Casa Shalom, any way that we can help any of these people. That we would show the Love of Jesus, to all.

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