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Happy Easter,

We pray this is a blessed time for you and your families as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

We’ve had a busy month so far. Bob and the guys have been working on 2 water projects, one in Esquintla, at the dump, and the other for a home, Village of Hope, that rehabilitates families in a family setting. They are hand digging a new well at Esquintla and building a tower for 2 water storage tanks ┬áto hold water for the community. Bob will install a UV system when the time comes.


We had a team from Rockdale, Texas that just left from Crossroads Bikers Church. They bought food for 20 families, built a house, and brought school supplies, clothes, medicines, and toys. They also installed 3 stoves, one with the house, and 2 others. They blessed a lot of people.


Donations can be mailed to: Box 1045, Snyder, Texas, 79549

Prayer requests are as follows; water projects in progress, health and safety for teams yet to come, praise for things already accomplished.

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