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Greetings from Guatemala, We have a little more to share with you this month, Last Saturday I took a load of food to Rio Bravo, while there I visited with Pastor Freddy about a family who lives next to the church/feeding center. This family is very poor and in need of some help. They needed some medicines because the whole family has parasites, We left some money with Pastor Freddy and his wife to buy them a bed for their house. Later we will try to help them build a shower in their home and make a concrete floor, it is just dirt right now.

Georgette’s classes are going good, she likes teaching English and Sunday school, especially the young girls class. This was the class from last Sunday.

I took a trip to an area in the eastern part of Guatemala called Zacapa, there was a team from our church who went up there to do a medical clinic and needed some help transporting all the medical stuff along with 5 stoves that they assembled in peoples homes. What happens here a lot is people use an open fire in the home to cook on and do not vent the smoke outside, so the home is full of smoke and they breath it and stay sick with respiratory problems. So in this area there were 5 families who got new stoves, they are high efficiency and are vented to the outside of the home. Just happy I could help a little.

We are pleased to tell you about a place we will be going on the 25th of this month it is Chichicastango, Guatemala. It is in the western region of Guatemala. Georgette and I are going to go and install a water purification system for a couple we have met, John and Sharon Harvey. They have been missionaries here for 18 years. Their facility is about 3 hours away from us, it will be the greatest distance we have gone to provide pure water, but it will help many people in this area a great deal. John is a theologian and his wife Sharon is a registered nurse. They work to bring up pastors for all of Guatemala, and have medical clinics, eye clinics, physical therapists and teach pharmacy all to the people of Guatemala. They have several extensions in other regions of Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras. Also in doing all this they present the Gospel to the people they are working with. They have a relatively large campus and have always had to buy pure drinking water.

It is a true privilege to be able to help with this type of work. After we get it all installed and running we will have more photos and information about this trip. But in the meantime if you would like, you can go to their web site at That stands for (Association for “Equipping the Saints” International) and read all about them and their ministry.

And for our prayer request this month, please lift us up in these areas, for our witness to others around us. For safety as we travel here. Please pray for Georgette’s English classes, for the water well drilling, and for Rio Bravo feeding center. Thank you for your faithfulness to pray.

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