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Greetings from Guatemala, what an amazing month this has been! We have been blessed to get to help Casa Shalom with a new submersible pump for their backup water system. We pulled the old pump out of the well then installed casing, then installed a new pump. Hooked it all up and it works good. There has been times when the orphanage would go without water for several days because they were not getting water from the city. Now that this work has been done they should not have this problem any longer. If they are not getting water from the city all they need to do is just turn on the pump. Thank you for helping us to help them.

We are in the process of changing over to a new form of water purification. Systems that use ultraviolet light are more effective at killing water borne bacteria, germs, and contaminates, also this system is faster at processing this water. These systems are much simpler to operate too, therefore we will be able to turn them over to the communities who will be using them much sooner. Oh also they are cheaper to purchase than the old chlorination system. So as of right now we have purchased one system and installed it at Rio Bravo.

We are just very excited about this ultraviolet purification It is just much better any way you look at it. We are still taking food down to Rio Bravo. Two weeks ago we took a very large load of food to them. And while we were there installed a sub pump in the well for them. They had a centrifugal pump that no longer worked.

Well now we are happy to tell you about some visitors here. Carolyn Martin and Paula Mc Williams are here. They have been very busy. We have been planting flowers at Casa Shalom. Loving on orphan kids. They will be visiting Pat and Charlie’s School, and restoration center on Tuesday. Then we will go to Rio Bravo on Wednesday and feed the kids there then they will go home on Thursday.

Then on the 25th of March My Mom and Dad are coming to visit for a week, we are so happy, and excited about that.

We have an update on the drilling rig, It did not make it here in the middle of February,And we are praying that it makes it here at the end of the month. If all goes well it will be here on the 28th of March. Georgette is very happy teaching english in Antigua, she has picked up another class on Thursday evening.

Well we do have some prayer request for this month, Please pray for the drilling rig to get on down here so we can go to work. Also keep inprayer my parents in travel here to Guatemala. Pray for our work with water purification and the ultraviolet systems. Rio Bravo and work with the feeding center there. Georgette in her classes of english and her witness to the students. Thank you for keeping these before the Lord.

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