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Greetings to all, Things are moving right along with the construction of the restoration center/Pat and Charlie’s house. All the security fence is up and the gates are built and in place. We have started painting the exterior of the house and it is really looking good. In just two short days we got almost all the bottom level painted. Thanks to a donated airless sprayer from Gary Gray, it really goes fast. Also we finally got the safety railings up on the prayer garden. We have had them built for some time, just now got around to getting them up. We still need to paint them again and then will paint the concrete columns and the outside wall on the prayer garden.

Next we have some visitors here for the week of spring break, They are Keith and Jackie Hackfeld with their daughter Chelsea, and her collage roommate Selena Stewart. They got here on Saturday. We all went to Church on Sunday, then went out to eat lunch afterwards and three out of eight are now sick with upset stomach, me included. While they are here we are all going to go to Panajachel for one day to see some of the beauty of this country.

More photos to come of these guys in the next newsletter.

Around the 7th of this month we took two 1,100 liter water tanks. That is about 575 gallons to Rio Bravo and filled them with water, plumbed them in, and then purified that water. It is for the 130 kids who get breakfast here every day. And their families. The reason their water is so bad is because the well that they have is only about 90 feet deep. Therefore it gets upper water mixed in with it. Alot of these kids have parasites and are suffering from malnutrition. This part of the country is very poor and we thank you for making it possible to help them all we can. We will provide pure drinking water to them as long as they need it. Casa Shalom is working on getting them some medication to help combat the parasite problem.

It is through your faithfulness to give that these people are getting the things that they need, We are praising God for and with you.

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Col.4-17 (KJV)

And now the prayer request for this month, Please Pray for Safety in the country, Ministry opportunities, Safety on the jobsite, and for the workers there, that we may be a good witness to them. Thank you for keeping these before the Lord.

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