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Easter Blessings to all, here is our latest update on what we are doing here in Guatemala, This past month you helped supply the school with a new water system, there was a real need for a larger reserve of water at the school. For three days last month there was no water for the school because the city of Buena Vista did not pay its electricity bill, so to solve this problem with your help we purchased a 2,100 gallon water tank with its own pump and pressure tank. and if that were to run out which we think that would probably take a week or longer we could still have water delivered by truck to this tank. To install this large tank underground there was a big hole dug on the school grounds, so after it was finished we moved all that dirt one pickup load at a time away from the school, Other activities include us sanding and repainting the stairway to the second level class rooms We have also been doing a lot of other cleaning up at the school hauling off trash from construction.

Construction on the restoration center is progressing nicely, The tile workers are nearly through laying the tile on the floor, bathrooms, etc., The windows were installed last week. Light fixtures and doors will be installed soon. Plumbing is nearly complete also. The gardeners have done a good job on landscape for the front yard. Work on the second level dormitories is going well and preparing to pour the concrete for the ceilings. The first team this year, youth from Paul Ann Baptist, San Angelo arrived March 15th. First there was luggage that did not make it on the flight, so we were told to check after the next flight arriving in about an hour. This gave us enough time to go to a nearby Burger King and get some lunch where the van was broken into and five backpacks were stolen two of which had passports in them. So right from the start Satan was trying to get us down. But it did not work because we just praised God even in the storm and called out for prayer. We went back to the airport and the bags still did not make it and they told us to check back the next day. We left all that in Gods hands and by noon on Monday everything was resolved. Sunday morning we all went to Church then Sunday night we showed the Judas Movie at the school and had a good turnout When the movie was over, They were asked who needed prayer and the kids got to pray with those in need. Monday and Tuesday was VBS with 140- 150 kids. Also on those days there was construction repairs made on a needy family’s home. Wednesday was shopping in Antigua, Then on Thursday we sacked up 1,800 lbs of food and went and had prayer and the sharing of Gods word with the poor, then the kids got to hand out that food. 100 bags, 18lbs each. In those bags was corn, rice, beans, oatmeal, sugar, and a small bag of salt. What a blessing not only for the poor but also for us. We
really had a great time with this group of students and think that they had a good time too despite the trouble in the beginning.

Paperwork for our vehicle is just nearly complete. It could be close to four or five months before the rest is complete for our residency.


Those needs are Prayers of encouragement, strength to war against Satan, It seems like that the things that you
would think would be easy are suddenly complicated and drawn out. Pray for the construction workers for safety
and our witness to them. Pray for our neighbors, Pray for the teachers in the school and the children, and their
parents. Please keep these before the Lord.

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