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Hello from Kentucky, Yes that is right we are in Kentucky right now with church builders. We came for the early crew and will work the 3rd. week, then go to Snyder for a couple of weeks.  We have had a very good team in Guatemala the first week of June from Pioneer Drive Baptist Church, Abilene, Tx. 

It was the first day of June when a team of 18 arrived at Guatemala city airport from Pioneer Drive Baptist Church, Abilene, TX.  We picked them up and took them to Casa Shalom orphanage where their team leader Kori Bowen, had made arrangements for them to stay for housing. So because of that they were able to do lots of good work right there at the orphanage. Also there was plenty of time for them to love on and play with lots of kids. Casa Shalom now has over 80 children living there and is continuing to grow. Directors Josh and Jessica Hanson along with teams coordinator Jenny Smith took very good care of them.  Some of the work they did was cut bricks to be used for putting on the outside of their buildings as an improvement. They painted the inside of the newly rebuilt bathroom. They also painted on the inside of one of the teen boys house. They painted the metal frameworks of a tool shed, and made various repairs to equipment. This all took place on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday we all went to Santa Maria de Jesus to install a new wood-burning stove for a family and to serve lunch to about 170 children and just play with the kids in the streets. Then on Thursday we all went back to SMDJ and all the guys of the team built a new metal house for a lady and her 4 children. This home also had a kitchen built on it so we installed a new stove there as well. While we did that the ladies of the team went and bought all kinds of goodies and food supplies for the family as house warming gifts. On Friday we did much the same thing except it was the ladies turn to build the house for the family of 6. It also had a kitchen built on it so as you can guess we installed that wonderfully efficient wood-burning stove. And the ladies did an awesome job with the building project. While these ladies did the hard work the guys helped with the feeding center and there were 207 kids that day.

All I can say is hats off to Pioneer Drive team, these folks truly were the hands and feet of Jesus in Guatemala. Praising God for your giving spirit.






All in all these Guys did a wonderful job of showing the people of Guatemala the Love of Christ.

Team members for this trip are Team Leader Kori Bowen, Mike and Erica Currie, and their daughter Hannah, Patsy Tucker, Nancy Watson, Steve and  Amanda Otto, Greg and Tracy Glass and their children Payson, Morgan, and Keelan, Earl and Ethan Foster. Matisse Ferrel, Cara Nelson, Kim Miers.


For our prayer request we ask that you join us in giving praise to God for all things, the rain, the opportunities to reach out to those in need, all things from the smallest to the largest.  Please pray for all the people who are traveling to and from Kentucky. Thank you for praying for us, See you in Snyder. 




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