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Greetings from Guatemala, another month has past and a lot has happened. We had a team here from Snyder this week. We have been asked to go to Haiti and install a water desalination unit in an orphanage. And Georgette had her purse stolen. Giving God praise for all of it, even the theft of the purse, its not easy to do that but we are because we believe he uses all things for His Glory even the things we view as inconvenient.

So here are the details from Team Texas. Jerry and Temi Webb wanted to come and help a poor village with food and stoves. They contacted me and asked if I knew of a place that could use this kind of help. Santa Maria de Jesus is the name of a very poor Mayan village. In advance of their arrival I purchased 3 high efficient wood burning stoves and 3 water filter systems for making pure drinking water. After they got here on Friday night. Saturday morning we went to Cenma market and bought a truck load of food, Beans, Rice, Sugar, Maseca, Oatmeal, Vegetable Oil, Bananas, Oranges, Pineapples, Onions, Carrots, Salt. Enough for 15 families to get about 130 lbs of these items. 15 families received food the word of God in Spanish, and got their family photo taken, That picture was put into a nice frame and presented to the family, they were also given a small photo of the team so they could pray for their new friends. Three families received all this and a new stove and water filter system. The plan from Team Texas is to return and do this again and install more stoves for the other families. This is a wonderful way to build ongoing relationships with these beautiful people. They also visited Casa Shalom orphanage here for about an hour. On Thursday they went and visited His Appointed time ministry restoration center. Charlie and Pat Reynolds place, then we went from there to have lunch at Lake Atitlan. The team members were Jerry and Temi Webb, Carson Matthies, Joey and Bobbie Forbes, Jim and Melissa Petty. Thank you good people of God for giving so much to the people of Guatemala.  They were able to meet a physical need (Food), A spiritual need (Prayer, and the Word of God spoken into their lives, and Bibles given in Spanish). Hope given too,  (the knowledge of the return of the team and ongoing growth in relationships) An amazing blessing to the people of Santa Maria de Jesus.









Some very exciting news, we have been asked to pray about going to Haiti to help with a water project. It is in an orphanage called Destiny Village Haiti. We would be working in conjunction with International Orphan Support. This orphanage is in the Northern part of Haiti and some of the children there are survivors from the massive earthquake in 2010. It is my understanding that there are about 50 kids at Destiny Village. The request is that we help generate funds to purchase an RO water Desalinization unit and then go and help to install it. We ask that you pray with us to see how the Lord leads you in  joining with us to help this orphanage.  This would free up the need for Destiny Village to buy drinking water. I have been told that they can not use a washing machine any longer than 6 months. The water destroys it. It is that brackish and it is very corrosive. The RO unit itself is going to cost about $8,000.00 this is not including freight for  shipping it over or airfare for myself and my wife. We do not know how God is going to work this all out, however I do know that if he wants us to go and help with this project he can and will make it possible. It is estimated that with proper care and maintenance this system will last 20 years. That works out to about $1.25 a day for pure water for the complete orphanage.

The last thing we want to tell you about is Georgette had her purse stolen, That sort of thing happens here a lot, but also in the states too. We are just praising God that we were not hurt, the things they got can be replaced with time. It is just an inconvenience to have to start over with drivers licenses, credit cards, and bank account information. However we are going to remain positive and give God the glory because he is in control of all things. We are also praying for the people who took it.

    Please join us in prayer with the water project for Destiny Village Haiti. For the people of Santa Maria de Jesus, the continued relationships being built there and the Lives that have been touched. 

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