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Greetings from Guatemala,Well another month has passed and this has given us some new things to tell you all about, of how God is doing wonderful things here.

Our church has been doing some outreach to the poor and widows In the area. For those who do not have a home the church is building them a home, very small, just metal, but what a blessing it is for those who have nothing. Anyway the leaders of these projects wanted some storage shelves/racks at the church for the pre-cut materials. They asked me if I would help with a design that would not take up too much space, yet still hold enough material for 6 homes. So I did and this is what they now have in the back portion of the church.

There is a small village not too far from our church called Santa Maria de Jesus, It is a poor community with a lot of needs. We met with pastor Gabriel of the church there who has started a feeding program. On Wednesday of every week they feed about 100 of the children in that area who need it the most. When I visited with the pastor he said that they have a way of getting filtered water but it is very slow, it takes about 30 min. to get 5 gallons. I told them I think we can help with an Ultraviolet water system that can provide 8 gallons per min.

Pastor Gabriel was very happy to hear that. Plus Ultraviolet purification is much better than just filtration. So here are some photos of the unit and the kids at the feeding program.

Georgette got the blessing of getting to go to the Joy in Jesus retreat for missionary women here last weekend, this event is put on every year by a group of ladies who come from Snyder and surrounding areas. It is part of Pearlene Nolan’s ministry,coordinated through Pearlene and Pat Reynolds, this year some of the ladies who came with her was, Martha Dillard, and George Anne Brown. This is always a sweet time for my wife, just to get to go and worship God with a lot of other missionary women, and friends from Snyder. Thank you Joy in Jesus team for bringing your love to these women.

We have completed another water purification system for the Rio Bravo area. This is the largest one to date. It involved installing a sub pump in the well, then the ultraviolet light purification unit one @ 15 gallons per minute, then an overhead holding tank about 14 feet up, that tank holds about 2500 liters and that is 660 gallons. This system will provide pure water for about 1800 people. The pure water is making a huge difference in the lives of the people in Rio Bravo. These are some photos of the system and the people who will be receiving that water.

We are excited about a team of 4 men who are coming to stay with us for one week. They are from Florida and have been here before on a mission trip to our church here. They wanted to come back but the only time they could make it happen was at the same time our church already had a large team on the calendar. So they contacted us to see if they could come and stay here with us, we said sure, come on. They will be here from June 21-28th. We have lots of things planned for them. We will be taking a load of food to Rio Bravo, working at Casa Shalom orphanage, going to Santa Maria de Jesus, where they have already done some work before. We will also take them to work with Mike Robertson and their feeding center. And we will be doing some work with Kirk Lightfield and Central America Missions Seminary, they are building some new apartments there. And just getting started so we will probably get to dig some ditches. Looking forward to this team being here. The next months newsletter will have photos of these hard working men of God.

We want to thank First Baptist Church Snyder and Virginia Trevey for these bible story books in Spanish. It might surprise you to know that there are not any children’s story books here. Many teams bring story books but they are all in English. It is such a thrill to see the kids get excited about books in Spanish. We will be putting up more photos of the kids receiving them soon. Thank you again.

Our trip to Texas is coming up fast, we will be coming home for church builders in Italy,Texas and them spend some time with family there in Snyder.

Now for the prayer/praise request for this month. Please join us in giving praise to our Almighty God for the growth and improved health of Sophie Kate Hanson, Josh and Jessica’s baby girl who was born at 34 weeks. Please keep her in your prayers, and that they will be able to return to Guatemala soon. Please pray for safety with the team. All the outreach programs that are taking place at the church here. Thank you for keeping these before the Lord.

We while walking in faith, have been relying on God for our needs, and it still amazes me the way he meets those needs through his gracious followers. Thank you to all who are keeping us covered in prayer and provision.

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