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Greetings, from Guatemala, This newsletter will not have a lot to it this month.The last project we did at the mountain was a fence on top of the retaining wall. Even though we have finished up with the construction work at the mountain, we will still be available to help them with teams and also any other problem that arises at the house or school.

We have taken some time to get dental work done, have been putting that off for as long as we could. Another thing that we need to do, is try to get our Guatemalan drivers license.

At the end of May we took a new stove to Rio Bravo for the ladies who do the cooking for those kids there, They will be expanding the feeding program from 130 kids to about 250 very soon so they needed more cooking equipment. This new stove will help in that area. We are also looking at very soon making improvements on the water system there. This will entail a new 4,000 liter tank for purified water and a new water pump to bring the water to the surface. The provision for these things is coming from a friend of Casa Shalom’s. This will allow for massive amounts of purified water for that community, to be distributed to the poor.

There has been a team of Ladies here from Texas, Joy in Jesus team, They come here every year and this is their 5th year. They come and do a retreat for missionary Ladies. Georgette went to the retreat and had a great time. They are a great blessing to the missionary ladies here.

We are also very happy to tell you that we will be coming home to Texas on July the 14th. Then drive straight to Louisiana for Church Builders. Then when we are done there we will drive back to Snyder and stay there until September the 1st. When we will return to Guatemala.

As far as prayer needs this month, we ask you to join us in prayer for Casa Shalom and the children there, For Rio Bravo and the children there. Pray for safety as we prepare to head home soon. Join us in giving thanks for the awesome provision here and pray blessings on the work of our hands. As always thank you for your continued prayers for us we know that you are because we feel so blessed.

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