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Hello from Guatemala! We pray your summer is going good for you. We were in the states for May and June. We got some things accomplished, Bob built a barn for his brother, and we went to Church Builder’s in Savannah, Tennessee. We only got to go to make ready, the week before everyone else gets there, but we got to see some good friends.


While we were in the states, ministry continued on. We had 2 teams from Florida that Obed and Gary hosted. They built 4 houses, installed stoves, distributed water filter buckets, gave food bags,  and ministered at the dump. We also had a team from Texas that built a house and installed stoves.


Right now, we have a team from Pioneer Drive Baptist Church, Sherry RussellAbilene, Texas. So far, they’ve built a house, installed stoves and are going to the dump to serve. After they leave, we’re expecting another team from PDBC to serve. What a mighty God we serve!!!!


Prayer requests are: health and safety for our up coming teams, health for us, for the families receiving the blessings that they will understand it’s from God and not us, the continuing work at the dump. Above all else, God’s guidance in all our endeavors.

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