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Hello to all our Servants Hearts Ministries friends and followers.

We have been blessed to have a team here from MacClenny Florida, MacClenny Church of God. What a wonderful time we had ministering with these awesome people of God. We got lots of work done. We also have a smaller group here from Rockdale, Texas,  Crossroads Biker Church.

 First I want to tell you about all the wonderful work that MacClenny Church of God did while here in Guatemala. They arrived here while Georgette and I were still on our way back from Texas, but Obed picked them up at the airport, took them to central park Antigua on Saturday night and Brother Johnny Brown, preached to the crowd right there on the street. I have been told by more than one person that it was a strong and Spirit filled message and at least one man gave his life to the Lord, Praise God. They went to our church here on Sunday then out to lunch and shopping. On Sunday night Georgette and I made it back to Guatemala. Then on Monday we all headed out early to go to Rio Bravo and feed the kids there. It was great. On Tuesday we built 2 houses in Santa Maria de Jesus. The family receiving the houses were so thankful they cooked lunch for us. They fixed pepian, it is like a Guatemalan stew, very good. On Wednesday Georgette and I had to go to the airport and change out some of the team members. 3 had to fly home while 8 more came in. The ones coming in were some medical personnel. While we were doing this the rest of the team with Obed’s direction went back and built kitchens and installed stoves on the first two houses they built. Then they went and installed two other stoves. On Thursday we all went back to Santa Maria de Jesus and built another house, complete with kitchen and stove. That family fed us fried chicken with rice and tortillas, again so very good. On Friday we all got up very very early and drove to Rio Bravo, fed the kids breakfast there again, then had a general wellness medical clinic for somewhere around 400 children and moms. They gave them anti-parasitic meds, vitamins, fluoride tablets, and them administered anything else the patient might have needed. What a Blessing this group was to have here working with us to share the love of Jesus. Thank you to all the folks from MacClenny for coming and loving on the people of Guatemala.



Next we have a smaller group here from Rockdale,Texas.  Crossroads Biker Church and Pastor Dave Kaufman. They have been concentrating on installing stoves, food distribution, and water purification buckets and visiting a school in San Cristobal el Alto. They have blessed 6 families with stoves and 20 families with food bags, containing beans, rice, corn, sugar, oranges, onions, cooking oil, & pineapples. This team has brought a wonderful blessing to the people of Guatemala. Thank you David, Pam, and Kristy Kaufman, and Jacob Gerren for all of your blessings.




James 4:17 “So whoever knows what is good to do and does not do it is guilty of sin.”

For our prayer request for this month we ask that you please join us in giving praise to God for all the teams that he is sending to help us with this work here. Also please pray for all the teams that are still to come. That they would have an open heart and receive just what God wants to show them. 



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