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Well, we are now back in Guatemala and working like always, only now we have some help. Introducing Obed, Anna,& Debora Mazariegos. The new help that we told you about in the last newsletter. They will be helping us with all areas of ministry, especially in the areas of construction of homes, stoves, water ministry, and with teams. Please join us in giving Praise to our God for the helpers and partners he has provided for Servants Hearts Ministries.DSCN1420

We have been having some visitors here this month. First to come down and help was Joey, Bobbie, & Austin Forbes. They have made several trips here to help with food distribution.  This time they took food to 18 different families, house building, stove installation, also this time, Austin brought along 220 tubes of toothpaste with a toothbrush taped on it. Thank you Austin for giving to the Lord and helping the kids of Guatemala. As always they got to love on the kids at the feeding center at  Santa Maria De Jesus. They have also helped us in another area. We bought some new drilling bits for the rig, and Joey built a changeover to make those bits fit the drill stem. Then they brought them down to us. They are heavy. Thank you to the Forbes family.

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Next we have had the privilege to have Jerry and Temi Webb back with us again. They also did food distribution to the poor families,  some of the same ones that they started giving food to on their first visit 2 years ago. That is really special because it helps to build relationships with the families.  Praising God because, it payed off today with a lady giving her heart to the Lord. This trip they have distributed food to 24 families. Each food bag is about 90 pounds of dried goods, fruit, and vegetables. They also operate a food pantry in Knox City. This is just an extension of what they do there only in Guatemala. It is having a large impact on the families here and there.


Also, around the 21st of July, Pioneer Drive Baptist Church will be coming down to stay at Casa Shalom Orphanage. They will do projects there with the maintenance personnel.  They want to build 2 houses, install 4 stoves, go and help the feeding center at Santa Maria de Jesus. Busy times here, but we love it. God is good, all the time, all the time God is Good.

Our prayer request for this month, we ask that you pray for the families that we are building relationships with through homes, stoves, and food, that they would see Jesus and not us. Also please pray that they would be open to salvation when that opportunity comes along. Also please join us in giving Praise to God for the new helpers, Obed, Anna, and Debora Mazariegos.

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