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Greetings from Illinois, What? Yes that is correct we are in Illinois right now building a church. It is in southern Illinois a small town called Cobden. This is a wonderful community and the people are so very friendly and appreciative for what God is doing through Baptist Church Builders of Texas. It is a fairly small project this year. It’s always nice to be able to come and be with our church builder family, it really is like a big family reunion. There are several who can’t be here this time and we miss those folks too.

So this is the building of the beginning trusses off on the ground that will be lifted into place with the crane once the walls go up, It makes getting started with the trusses much faster.

There will be a smaller peek truss that goes on top of this one after it is put into place. We just love Church builders and enjoy serving the Lord in this way. There are 150 here for Sunday night service on the slab and maybe some more coming in on Monday. We will see what God can do in and through his servants.

After this project in Illinois, we will drive to Snyder and stay there for about 20 days, giving me enough time to build 2 cattle guards and visit with family and friends. We will be speaking at First Baptist Church Snyder on Sunday morning August the 5th. And also going to Lubbock Lakeridge United Methodist Church to visit with them on Monday the 6th. We are not spending a lot of time in the States this summer as we need to get back for other obligations there. We have water wells that need to be drilled and some teams coming soon.

We have some prayer request for this month, First please pray for safety for all the folks who are traveling to and from Church Builders. Also please pray for my parents, my mom is having some health problems and has an appointment to go and have testing done to try and find the problems.  Thank you for praying for and with us.  



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