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Greetings from Texas, yes that is right we are in Texas for a visit with family and friends and to go to church builders in Italy Texas this year. But before I get into all that I need to finish up with a continuation from last months newsletter.

From June the 21st-the 28th. we were so blessed to have four men come and stay with us from Defuniak Springs, Fl. They are Austin, Jeff, Richard, and Billy. Amazing men of God searching for ways to serve and help the people of Guatemala. As I had said in the last newsletter they had been to Guatemala before back in February with a larger team including their wives. They wanted to return with a smaller group and scout out ways to help, that is what we did.

First we went to Santa Maria de Jesus a small village not too far from our church and delivered them an 8 gallon per minute UV purification system, then had lunch with them, some stayed and did vbs with another team that was there and Austin and I went to Cenma market to buy a truck load of food that we took to Rio Bravo the next day. We woke them up early to go to Rio Bravo, 4:00 am. After feeding the kids breakfast they gave out 270 pairs of shoes. Then we went to look at the 15 gallon per minute UV system I had just installed the week earlier. Day three was off to CAM (central american missions) seminary to do some ditch digging for a new apartment building there, then we went to look at a special needs ministry also in Chimaltenango. Saturday we went to Casa Shalom orphanage played with some kids pressure washed the school to get it ready for new paint, did some more digging and moved some lumber. Sunday we went to Church and then to visit a family in the village of Pastores for whom they had built a house on their previous visit. It was a great reunion for all and they brought gifts for that family too. Monday we went to help Mike Robertson with some construction projects at both a new home for a poor family and some trim work at their feeding center and retreat center. Tuesday they headed home. All in all they got to see a lot of Guatemala and said that the trip was a success. We feel like it is always a good thing if we can help other find ways to serve the Lord in the area that they feel most led.

All I can say is thank you, to Defuniak Springs, Fl. group for sharing your heart here with us and the people of Guatemala.

Ok now on to what we are doing now, we came to Texas and have spent the first week in Snyder I started cutting pipe and getting ready to build cattle guards while Georgette went swimming with the grand kids,and helped by baby sitting. Then we came over to Midlothian,Tx. to stay with Anita and Dennis Williamson, Georgette’s Sister is Anita and her husband invited us to stay with them while here for church builders because Italy,Texas is only about 20 miles south of here. That gave us a nice place to stay and a great opportunity to visit with them. Thank you Dennis and Anita for opening up your home to us.

I might add that this is just the make ready crew, the actual church building project will get kicked off Monday July 18th. with an estimated 296 volunteers coming from all over the United States. It is truly a blessing to be a part of this wonderful organization to help Mount Gilead Baptist Church get a new building.

Prayer request for this month is that this country would get some rain, cooler temperatures, safety on the job site and safety for travel for all the people who are on the road to come and when they all go home. Our wittness for the pople of the church and the community of Itay and surrounding area. Thank you for keeping these lifted up to the Lord.

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