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Greetings from Guatemala, And to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. July will be a very busy month for us. At the end of June, one of the teachers aids Her name is Daniella is going to school to finish her education and she was nominated for school queen, and they held a contest to select the queen for her schools anniversary. She didn’t win but did a really good job and looked like a queen to us, with your help and contributions she is working hard to make life better for herself. Some of the teachers who she works with came and helped her get all fancied up for the event they also brought their families for support, it is so great to see the camaraderie these friends have for one another at things like that. It was nice to be invite and to be there for her.

We have been doing some of the finish work on Pat and Charlie’s house/ Restoration center putting in bathroom fixtures and sinks, cleaning floors and it is just about ready for them to move in but, probably wait until they return from the states in mid September before they do. They are waiting for the completion of the security bars on the windows. Inside painting is finished and looks really nice. The work upstairs for restoration center and forhousing teams is coming along good and looking nice as well. It is the rainy season here now but that dose not seem to slow the work very much.

A group of ladies arrived on July the 3rd from Stonegate Church Midland Tx. they were here for the schools fourth year anniversary. The theme this year was Noah’s Ark. All the children were dressed as animals. They played games made crafts sang songs and listened to stories, several of the mothers brought food and sold plates to make money for the school. Then on Saturday, the ladies went to the Hermano Pedro ruins and after lunch went shopping in Antigua. Sunday we all went to Church and afterwards the ladies held a vacation bible school for about 35 children at the restoration center. The children were from around the surrounding community they played games and sang songs and had a good time, they received tee shirts and backpacks full of bibles, cups to color, toothpaste and several other good items. We enjoyed getting to know and fellowship with these ladies, what a blessing they were. We took them to the airport early Monday morning.

We will be leaving on the 16th of July to go to Church Builders in Trenton Texas and are looking forward to that time with family and friends. We would like to thank God and all of you for your prayers for my Mom, Zola Kornegay for her health. She is much better and felling well enough to go to Church Builders as well.

And now for the prayer request for this month, please pray for safe travel for folks travelling to Church Builders, continue to pray for our Spanish to get better, pray for the teachers and children at the school, and the workers on the mountain, that God would move in this country in a mighty way.

We thank you all for all your prayers and love that you continue to show to us, We pray Gods wonderful Blessings on each and everyone of you.

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