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Happy New Year from Guatemala!

We started 2016 with a bang, literally! We were in Antigua for the first time in  7 years to celebrate the new year Guatemalan style. For those of you who’ve been here and experienced the random fireworks for various celebrations, this was as big as the 4th of July celebration in Snyder, ON STEROIDS!!!! We were blessed to be able to ring in the new year with good friends.

First Baptist Church Snyder was our first team of the year, our best team so far this year!  We were able to build 2 houses, distribute 20 bags of food that contained corn, beans, salt, milk, oil,  oatmeal, rice, onions, pineapples, and oranges, 2 stoves, handed out bibles, evangelical pamphlets, shoes, oranges, bananas, and prayers.IMG_1208

The night the team arrived, we went to Central Park in Antigua and passed out bibles and salvation booklets. Although they were exhausted from the days travel they still ministered to the people. Bob had the chance to pray with some young people and they prayed to receive Christ. Please lift them up in prayer.

The first family that received a house was a Mother and 2 little girls, Olivia, Olga, and Martha. She was so appreciative and the girls were so excited. They also will receive new shoes. While some of the team worked on the house, some others went with Bob and Kambria and gave food bags.IMG_1223

The second house was received by a Father, Mother, son and daughter. They live in a compound with several other family members, so there were plenty of children and other people watching. Patty Kornegay, one of the team members, noticed the Father’s shoes and she took her nice shoes off and gave them to him.He was so proud of them. Luckily, we had a pair of flip-flops for Patty to wear even though they were a little small for her. Thank you Patty for your gift of love. We left them shoes for the other family members also. The team built this house in record time! The house with new kitchen and stove installed took a total of 4 hours!

They also visited Campos De Suenos, the feeding center in Santa Maria De Jesus. They fed close to 300 children that day and as each child left they gave them a half an orange. After that, they went to the pile, or community wash house, and played with children. It was a good day.

We want to thank this team for their hard work, big hearts, empathy and love for these people. Nearly all of this team were return visitors and it just encourages us to know that they feel as connected to Guatemala as we are. We are so thankful for their loving and giving hearts.

We Praise God for safety for this team and request continued prayer for the teams yet to come.Pray for good health for our teams and also pray for the people that will be receiving the blessings that they will see Jesus and not man.

If you wish to donate, please send your check to Servants Hearts Ministries, P.O.Box 1045, Snyder, Texas  79550


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