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Happy new year to all.

I know this newsletter is coming out a little late, normally we try to get them out around the middle of the month. It’s just that we have been kinda busy this last week with a mission team from Garner Baptist Church, Garner, Texas. It was a group of 5 men who are in a men’s bible study group together. We know these guys from church builders. The leader of the group Jeremy Farber is also a leader of the church builders group known as Baptist Church Builders Of Texas. Three of the other team members have been on church builders projects in the past.  We truly enjoyed their visit. They arrived on Monday the 16th, then it was a week full of construction projects and sharing the word of God.

First thing on Tuesday morning we went to Casa Shalom orphanage and helped by building some ladders and safety railings for bunk beds. Then on Wednesday morning we went to the village of Santa Maria de Jesus, there we built some shelves in a storage closet, helped feed the children at their feeding center. After that we came home and got ready to go and take soup to the homeless who live on the streets of Antigua. We handed out soup, prayed with people, bandaged wounds, and shared  the Love of Christ.  Thursday morning we traveled to Pat and Charlie Reynolds place, and from there we went to Panabajal where we painted the trim on a school building. Friday morning we got up at 4:00 am. drove to Rio Bravo helped feed breakfast to the kids there about 250 then went and looked at the pure water stations and the school. After that we went back to Pastor Gabriel’s church. He said that the man living next to the church was not a believer, so we asked if we could go and talk to him. I translated for Jeremy not perfect Spanish but enough that the man and his family listening got the message, He and his grandson both received Jesus Christ that day. Then we drove back to Antigua and rode a zip line. That was fun. Saturday Morning we went to Antigua so the guys could do their gift shopping for their family, then we went to central park and just started visiting with people. Three ladies who sell merchandise prayed to receive Christ. Then around 7 pm. we met up with Mark a friend from our church, he does a few magic tricks to get a crowd around then he starts preaching. Then he asked some of the guys to give their testimony while he translated. That night in the park there were another 25 people who prayed to receive Christ.  Hallelujah!! On Sunday we went to church at Iglesia del Camino (our regular church here)  Had lunch then went to San Juan to the Macedonia church.  There  Jeremy preached a wonderful message and another 8 people came to know Christ.  Monday morning we took them to the airport.  All in all it was a wonderful week with lots of work done both in this world and for the Kingdom of God.  Thank you Jeremy Farber, Jeff Emerson, David Maisel, Johnny Mitchell, and Dillon Self.  This group of men showed the Love of Christ to everyone they came in contact with, what a blessing. They touched many lives while here, and I think they were touched also.


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