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Greetings from Guatemala, Yes we are back in the country and ready to work. We had a wonderful time in Snyder for Christmas this year. Love spending time with family and friends. We were able to go to the last Red Letter Rockfest with some of our children and grandchildren, that was really enjoyable. Thank you Ira pump and supply for making that possible.

Also while home we went over to Abilene to a Christmas party and to visit with the group who were to come to Guatemala. It was nice to get to know them just a little before they got here. The wonderful thing about this team is that they are all from a couples Sunday school class at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church. So there was already a lot of unity, I think it got a little closer while here. The team consisted of 1 Doctor, 3 nurses, 4 of their children, and a whole host of some great people. A total of 15 people. After arriving on Wednesday night we all got a very short nights sleep and left Charlie and Pat’s Ministry headquarters at 5:00 am to drive to Rio Bravo feeding center, we needed to try to be there by 7:00 am to start feeding. We were just a little late so pastor Freddie called me and said he could wait until we got there. That morning there were 364 children ready to eat some breakfast. The team served them then played with the kids and took lots of photos. Then we went over to pastor Freddie’s house where we have a purified water station so I could change the filter. From there we had lunch on the way to Casa Shalom.

They were able to bless 3 families there in Rio Bravo with enough funds to buy medicines for their families and beds, one family of 6 were sleeping on towels on the floor in the home. At Casa Shalom they met and visited with Josh and Jessica Hanson the directors of the orphanage, then took a tour of the place. Then played with the children there at the baby house.

They had the desire to come and do a medical mission trip form the beginning, so Russell Southerland the leader of the group asked me if I knew of a place here who needed that. After checking with Charlie Reynolds we felt like we had the perfect place to take them. Panabahal Guatemala, it is about 2 hours away from Guatemala city, totally indigenous Mayan Indian, very poor and do not receive much help because they are so remote. They were able to see 134 patients, which is about 54 more than we had planed, But it was Gods plan not ours to start with. We all got blessed as much as the village did. It is so great to see Gods people from the United States giving, and Gods people here who were appreciative and receiving. Then returning the giving with sweet hugs and kisses. There is great value in meeting the physical needs of these people and gaining their trust. We feel it is showing the Love that Christ first showed us.

So the medical professionals held the clinic while a group of men painted the local school to which they had just added a new section of 3 classrooms. We painted a total of 6 classrooms inside and out in just 8 hours. That is only possible with some incredible help which came from the men of PDBC and some of the local men too.

While the guys were painting and the ladies were tending to patients, the children on the team and Brittany Huckabee were playing with the children from the community, they played tag, keep away, ring a round the rosie, soccer, London bridges falling down and I’m sure a lot of other games with no particular direction, just kids loving on other kids and having fun doing it.

We can not thank Pioneer Drive Baptist Church enough for coming and helping us to help the people of Guatemala. Also many thanks to Charlie and Pat Reynolds for hosting us at His appointed time ministry headquarters, and to Brittany Huckabee for being apart of the team with so much help and love.

And now the prayer request for this Month are, that we would continue and more than ever show the love of Christ to the people here, That they would receive that love in Jesus name, for safety while traveling on these roads, for the water ministry and Georgette’s english classes. We thank you for lifting us up to the Lord. Please join us in giving praise for our first team and all the great things they did in just 2 days.

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