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Greetings from Guatemala, we pray that you all had a wonderful and blessed holiday season. We were very happy to get to make it home for Christmas this year. God made it a white Christmas for us too. While it is an amazing life to be a missionary it is probably the hardest time of the year for us, missing family and friends. We very much enjoyed our time at home this year with my parents our girls and grandchildren. I was able to help dad with some repair projects and we all shelled pecans. One thing we really enjoyed is getting to go on the traditional new years day ride with friends Mark and Sheila Harless, Wayne and Rita Knox, Johnny and Suzanne Barrow, we took some back country roads to San Anglo ate at Zetner’s Daughter restaurant and then rode back to Ira. When we started out it was about 35 degrees and it got up to a steamy 55 degrees for the high. Yes it was cold but it was fun too.

Upon our return we had to get busy catching everybody up with purified water and took a load of food and some new tables to Rio Bravo. They had already installed a new water tank at the next water station in Rio Bravo. It is at a church called Iglesia Nueva Jerusalen (New Jerusalem church) in probably the poorest community I have seen yet. The water is not good at all there, Not trying to be gross but the water that we purified there smelled like urine. After purifying it we are running it through a filter to help clean it even more.

We are very Happy to let you know that we will have some visitors here soon from Snyder. The 30th of this month Jerry and Temi Webb will be coming for one week. They will stay with us for part of the time and with Pat and Charlie part of that time too. It will be very nice to have some home folk here with us.

And now for the prayer request for this month, Please pray for Jerry and Temi Webb, safe travel,good health, and an enjoyable time here with us. Please pray for the people of Haiti, and pray that God would be Glorified even in this time. Please pray for us in attempting to meet the needs for purified water for the people here and how to go about meeting those needs. Also join with us in giving praise to God that we are completely legal in this country, we now have our Guatemalan drivers licence. Thanks to a good friend Meynor Medea.

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