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Hello from Guatemala, We pray you all are having a Blessed new year. We are doing fine. School is started up for another year and the school is looking better than ever. The permanent covered area is now finished with the top installed it should prove worth it when it starts raining. It will also be used for programs and activities on a regular basis. Also now that the upper class rooms are finished we went ahead and bought 4 new desk for the teachers for those class rooms. This will be such a blessing for them when those rooms are used.

The 15th of this month was the first day for school The kids come with their parents and the director talks to them giving them all the regulations, times for classes, talks about homework, etc. then the kids are off to class. It is always very exciting and a joy to see the kids again. They are certainly happy to be back at school. This year Charlie will be teaching classes also, He is going to be making a strong influence at the school for manners, and morals. Some of these young boys are getting big enough that they are starting to get attitude, if you know what I mean.

We have a story to tell you about, We took a little mini vacation down to the beautiful black sand beaches of the south pacific. It was great, We soaked up the sun for 2 – 1/2 days. That was awesome but even on vacation God can put someone in your path to help. We met this really nice couple who were down here helping some eye doctors do free clinics and they had a Guatemalan man and his family with them. This man is their driver. Well his daughter had been is a bad accident and was on a respirator for 4 months. She still has a hole in her neck to breath through. She can not talk and is in need of more operations from what we understood some of the equipment has to come from the States and the family can not afford it. So we got their information and plan to stay in touch with them and the other couple and see what we can do to help this sweet little girl. She is 4 and just as cute as can be, Her name is Sara Noemi. Please pray for her and her family, We will keep you informed as to what is going on with her condition.

This is a beautiful hotel called Utz-Tzaba beach hotel and in Mayan it means beautiful beach. And it is very beautiful. One of the eye doctors was getting married at the hotel just down the beach and that is why these guys were staying at the hotel we were in. Some may say that is just coincidence but I don’t think so. I believe God orchestrates it with just the right people at just the right time to spread the blessings.

We are also going to continue to take purified drinking water to Casa Shalom orphanage as they need it, and to be praying for guidance to help other people who have water needs.

While we are doing fairly well with Spanish we would like for you to pray that it gets better so we can more confidently speak to folks about Jesus Christ. Also please pray for ministry opportunities, continued safety, and All those kids at the school and their parents. We would also ask that you join in with us in giving God the Praise for all our blessings.

As a final note we want you to know, that we know we could not do what we are doing here without your prayer and financial support, and we do not want to ever take that for granted.

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