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Well Greetings from Guatemala, yes this newsletter is a little bit late, please forgive me. We had a little Valentines vacation and then after we did get home we have not had internet for the past 3 days. Now we do so I will try to catch you up on all that has been going on. We have been pretty busy installing stoves for people in Santa Maris de Jesus lately. This is an area that is in need of so many stoves. One of the last homes we put one in, the mother of the family had been cooking with corn stalks. She was so happy to have a new stove. After arriving at her house I soon realized that I had forgotten one crucial part of the stove. So the only option was to just get in the truck and go back to the house and get it. At first I was angry at myself for my forgetfulness, and the one hour round trip to get the part, However on that drive God spoke to us and said to give from your abundance. So we got a box and loaded up pots and pans, food for the whole family, and cheese crackers for the kids and returned  with the part needed for the stove, and some of our abundance.  The mother told us that she knew that it was God sending us to her, she told us thank you a hundred times and she thanked God too.  I always try to tell them to give the thanks to God, because he is the one doing all this. She said that is true, he is, but he needs people here to do his work.




Next we are happy to tell you that we have a team coming in on Friday from Florida, they have been here before, as a matter of fact this will be their 4th time to come to Guatemala.  We have a busy week planed for them. We are going to visit with families they have helped with before, install 5 stoves, build one house, Do some construction on the new feeding center at Santa Maria de Jesus, and do lots of Loving on kids. All in the name of Jesus.

We feel like it is the greatest honor to be able to live here and do what we do, however we can not do that without your support, Your prayer support is so overwhelming, thank you so much. For all the people who make it possible for us to be the people here to do his work, We say thank you, he is using you too.

And now for this months prayer request, For the team from Florida pray for safety, in travel, in work, and in ministry. For the families receiving the stoves and home that they would see Jesus in us and give him the thanks. Please join us in giving praise to God for the salvations we are seeing. 


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