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Greetings again from Guatemala, and Happy Valentine’s day.

Things are very busy here right now with teams and friends visiting from Texas and a group from Florida that will be here by the end of the week.

Last week we were able to spend some time with friends from Snyder,Tx. Dave and Sherry Bilderback, and Kieth and Jackie Hackfeld. They stayed with Charlie and Pat Reynolds at the Restoration headquarters. We got to go and do some ministry with them all. It is so nice to hang out with hometown folks. They got here late on Friday night, then we went and picked them up on Sat. Morning, took them to the massive open  market here called Cenma,  where we buy all the food for Rio Bravo. Then we stopped by for a visit at Casa Shalom orphanage played with some of the kids and Josh Hanson at Casa Shalom gave us the tour. They went to church with Charlie and Pat on Sunday and on Monday we all went to Panabajal in the mountainous region. They took food to give away and we got to pray with one man to receive Christ and deliverance from the bondage of alcoholism.  Monday evening Dave and Sherry came home with us so we could leave out early on Tuesday morning to go to Rio Bravo. Tuesday was one of those 4 am mornings. We drove to Rio Bravo in time to be able to serve the kids breakfast, then we did some looking around  at the pure water stations, and the local school. They also got to see the chicken house that is being built, the first one is almost finished it is for laying chickens. Pastor Freddy wants to build one more to raise chickens to eat.  Then on the way home we took them by to look at one of the houses that our church is building for the poor and widows.  They got back to Pat and Charlies home pretty early in the day. Georgette went with them on Wednesday to Panajachel , lake Atitlan area. They spent the rest of the time with the Reynolds going and doing other forms of ministry, then left out to return to Texas on Friday.

On that trip to Rio Bravo with Dave and Sherry we were able to take a walking cane by to Tomas, a 74 year old man who just 2 weeks ago gave his life to Christ. We also got the chance to pray over him. I am working with another organization to get him a wheel chair, he has no feeling from his waist down.

I took the load of food to Rio Bravo on Wednesday and did some repair work on one of the pure water stations, also repaired a stove at the feeding center.

I have been working with the church on making plans for building a roof over the classroom section for the church at Santa Maria de Jesus. That project is in the very near future. I hope to get some help from teams to work on that project.

These are our prayer request for this month, Safety and health for the teams coming, for things to run smoothly and organized, opportunities for salvations.



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