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Greetings from Guatemala, Well I am sorry but there is not a lot to tell you about this month. I am still working on the water well at Pat and Charlie Reynolds place. Still do not have a well yet. I went to Loma Larga to talk about a water project with them, It is going to be a large project for a total of 3 communities. Considerably larger than I had originally thought, But with Gods help we can get them some reliable water soon.

Georgette is teaching English now at the Church on Tuesday and Thursday Nights. She is really enjoying that. On those same days she is taking Spanish classes from a lady in our Church. It is a constant struggle to try to improve our Spanish so we may be able to share the gospel here. Georgette and I went to our favorite part of the south pacific beach here for Valentines day it is called Utz-Tzaba It was nice to just have a couple of days rest. Today Casa Shalom had a team arrive from Minnesota, it is a team of 38 mixed youth and adults. Casa Shalom has a bus, but they brought over 70 suitcases so they needed help with all the luggage, I took the truck and we loaded it up with luggage. Happy to help.

I know this is a short newsletter, just not a lot to tell you about right now. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your faithful prayers.

As for our prayer request for this month, please pray for our Spanish, our safety, for wisdom in the water well drilling and water project at Loma Larga. Please pray for opportunities to spread the gospel with those around us.

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