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Greetings from Guatemala, Happy Valentines everybody, Well another month has passed, and a lot of things to tell you all about. It is so nice to have visitors from Texas here with us. The first was Russell Southerland, A very nice gentleman from Abilene, with Pioneer Drive Baptist Church, He is a water well expert, which is great because we are about to start drilling wells for the poor and needy here. He and I went around to lots of
different places and looked at their needs and ways we can meet those needs. He has a wealth of knowledge on pumps of all kinds and taught me a lot as well. Also he has a great heart for mission work and we have a pretty good feeling he will be coming back here soon. Thank you Russell for all your help.

Then we had Jerry and Temi Webb come to visit, they spent three days with us and got to see many of the things that we are involved in. They went to Church with us in Antigua, to Casa Shalom orphanage, helped pour some concrete sidewalk there and planted flowers, loved on all the kids there, then we went to the market and bought tons of food for Rio Bravo and took it down there to those kids. Jerry and I also talked in detail about water wells and the purification of water. They then went to spent three days with Charlie and Pat Reynolds, where they got to see more of Guatemala and the things that their ministry is doing over in Chimaltenango. It was great having them here. Thank you Jerry and Temi Webb.

We are happy to tell you about the new water well drilling rig that is on the way here. It should be here by the end of the month, if all goes well. As soon as it gets here we already have some wells lined up to drill. The gentleman who is helping us to get it down here is building a school in Huehuetenango and wants us to help him with a well, then there is a community here called Amatitlan and they do not get water but every 8 days so we want to help them with a well. So this is what the rig looks like, it is very portable and that is good considering where we will be needing to drill some wells, it is impossible to get a truck into. It is capable of completing a 6″ well up to 300 feet deep.

We have had another house guest from Boston, Mass. His name is Paul Burke, he sponsors a child at Casa Shalom named Cezar. He was at a business meeting in Miami, Florida already and thought it was only a short flight to come and see Cezar so he did and wanted to stay with us. We welcomed him into our home and had a great time getting to know him better. In the photo Cezar is the child on the right.

The the photos of the young lady is Alicia Cardina, from Ithaca, New York. She is here for three months teaching english in Casa Shalom. She is a school teacher in the states, teaching second grade. She is very enthusiastic with the children and a good teacher. Her parents will be coming down in a couple of weeks. Her father is a doctor and is going to do some medical clinics. Maybe one at Charlie and Pats school, one at Casa Shalom, and one at Rio Bravo.

Georgette is very happy to be teaching english in the church at Antigua, not only is it good for the students but it gives her a chance to show them the love of Jesus. She has 14 students ranging from 16-35 years old.

So we have a few prayer request for this month, Continued safety in this country, Georgette’s class and safety for her going to and from class, The water ministry and the process of drilling wells for the greatest needs of the people here. Our witness to everyone that we meet here. Thank you for keeping these before the Lord.

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