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Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all from Servants Hearts Ministries.  We are blessed to be in the states with our family and friends to celebrate our Lord’s birth, as Obed and Ana are in Guatemala celebrating with her family, and keeping things going there.

We’ve had a blessed and busy year By God’s provision we were able to build 19 houses, install 98 stoves, 4 UV light purification systems, around 50 water filter buckets. This year we have had more teams come to visit than ever before.

We are honored to have Obed and Ana Working with us now They are a tremendous help with everything do. God really know what he was doing when he sent them to us. Because they work for Servants Hearts Ministries They are paid a salary of $1,500 a month. Their salary is not completely covered yet. Obed is trying to generate funding from his family and friends also.

Future projects for the coming year are build more houses, more stoves, water purification systems, and the possibility of purchasing property for a storage facility. Cost of the land is $34,000 and the estimated cost of constructing the storage building is 10 to 12 thousand.  When we ( Bob and Georgette ) are no longer living here on this earth. We want to be sure that Servants Hearts Ministries to continue on.

With no surprise, God has blessed beyond measure, above and beyond anything we ever imagined. We know we can’t do what we do without you We appreciate you all so much and pray you have a blessed holiday. May God pour his richest blessings on you all.

For the prayer request for this month, we pray for all those traveling to be with family for the holidays, we pray for those this season who don’t know the Lord that they might put their faith and trust in Him. 

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