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Well Merry Christmas to you all, We are here in Texas for Christmas. But before we came home we had the opportunity to take about 800 lbs. of corn to the feeding center at Santa Maria de Jesus. And a few other things to tell you about.

That truck load of corn that we were able to take to the feeding center, came from our friends and missionaries, Charlie and Pat Reynolds and their ministry. They will take this corn and boil it, grind it, and then cook it into tortillas. Some people have asked, why is the corn black? It is just some of the native colors of the corn there. Some of it is White, Yellow, Red, Blue, or Black. It still tastes like corn. Although I think the Blue and the Black has the best flavor. Seems to be a little richer flavor, maybe its just me.



We also had the chance to go to the Western part of Guatemala to change the light bulb on the Ultraviolet light purification system that we installed there a while back, at a school called DAR. This school helps with pure water for the community of about 1,500 people along with providing good clean water to the 220 children that attend.  The trip was a 7 hour round trip drive and to change the bulb took all of 15 minutes. But it is so worth it to help this poor community.

We have a team coming to Guatemala right after the first of the new year. That team is from FBC Snyder,Tx.  Our home town church. And very excited to say that on that team will be my Father Harold Kornegay. We have lots of work and ministry opportunities planned for them.  We plan on building 2 homes, doing some painting on the new feeding center. Installing at least 4 stoves, and helping to feed all those kids at Santa Maria de Jesus. Praise our Heavenly Father for teams who come to help the people there.

And now for the prayer request, We ask that you keep those in prayer who will be traveling to Guatemala, and for the work that we will be doing that it will be a great example of God’s great Love.  Also for all the people who are celebrating the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. That they would Know that He was born to die for our sins. 

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