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Well Hello and Merry Christmas to all. We are praising God for allowing us to live and work here one more year. We do have some news to share with you all. We have had several visitors here with us lately. The Forbes family came to visit with their two sons Stanley and Austin. Austin loved it so much here he is coming back in January with the team from FBC Snyder. Then we had some friends from Church builders come and stay 2 weeks David and Pat Schaerdel from the Austin Tx. area. And while they were here two young ladies from Alabama came and stayed with pastor Freddy and his wife in Rio Bravo.

OK so first I would like to give you some details about the Forbes family visit. They consist of Joey, Bobbie, Stanley and Austin. Some wonderful friends from Fluvanna,Tx. which is not too far from Snyder. This was the second trip for Joey and Bobbie, and the first for Stanley and Austin. They purchased lots of food for 10 families Spanish bibles, 3 stoves and some water filter buckets to be put in up at Santa Maria de Jesus. We love working with these guys, they really have a heart to serve and help the poor folks up there. They helped with the feeding program on Wednesday and with a soccer camp day there from another ministry called J316.  This family brought such a blessing to the people here.



Next was the Schaerdel family or at least it was David and Patty who came to visit and minister. This was their second time to come and are already planning on coming and spending the whole month of March with us. We did a lot of different things with them. David and I were suppose to go and drill a well in San Juan but could not get to it because the road was under construction. We did however pull a sub-pump from the well at Sumpongo and now that well is ready to be made deeper. We took food to poor families, went and had Christmas with Abrahams family, we took them food, clothes, toys, shoes, what a blessing that was. Back in March David, Pat, and their son James helped with a  water well project for Abrahams family so it was great for them to get to see them again.



They helped us with installing 3 more stoves in Santa Maria de Jesus. We took Christmas baskets to 5 different poor families in Palin Guatemala. They also brought a suitcase full of children’s clothes hand made by Shirley Copland and some of her friends, we gave them away to the kids there at Palin and Abrahams family. We also took vitamins to a clinic in San Rafael Guatemala. Those were donated from Ira Baptist Church. Thank you to all who help with this effort to share the Love of Jesus to the people here.


We are looking forward to March when we will get to spend more time with this wonderful couple and do lots more projects with them.

Also they went with us to pick up two young ladies and take them to stay on the mission field in Rio Bravo with pastor Freddy and his wife.  They were Erica Sledge and Rachel Styron from Alabama. They had a great time while there with pastor Freddy and  did some wonderful ministry there at the feeding center and in that community, with the widows and poor.

And now for the prayer request for this month. We will be going to Texas for Christmas and  many other missionaries are traveling this holiday season so please pray for them. Pray for this upcoming year and what God’s direction is for us. Thank you for all your prayerful support. 


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