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Merry Christmas from Texas, We are in Texas for Christmas, spending time with the family and friends for the Holidays. So happy to be here.

I went to Rio Bravo and spent a full day there installing a sub-pump, holding tank, and  Ultra-violet purification system, that makes the 5th clean water station in place there. Pastor Gabriel and his son helped me and he said that about 1,500 people will be getting pure water from his church now.








Before we came to Texas I went up north in Guatemala to a region know as Alta Vera Paz to a small village called Pantup, It has about 40 families. It is all indigenous Pokomchi Indian, they have to go down this mountain to get water then climb back up that mountain that has to be 400 feet straight up. They are all families who have lost land, family members or homes from the civil war that just ended about 24 years ago. Families who were directly affected by this war were given some property to start over, but that land has no water or electricity. So I met this other missionary who wanted to try to make them a good water well and try to pump the water up the mountain to a reservoir, then eventually to their homes. So I went and drilled to a depth of 110 feet and made it into some water, however it is still raining some there now, the real test will be when the dry season comes to see if the well still has water in it then. We will have done good.  I left them a generator for the sub-pump and a holding tank for the water. If it proves to turn out to be a good well even in the middle of dry season I will go back and take a UV  purification system for that water well.










This is some of the most rewarding work I have ever done, the people are so appreciative and helpful. I am thankful to the Lord to be able to help with the water needs for these folks.

While we are here for Christmas I will be building one cattle guard for Kinder- Morgan, and then doing some work on the RV shelter for my brother.

When we get back to Guatemala after the new year we will be very busy with teams coming.

We want to give God all the praise and Glory for a very good year in Guatemala, We have had the Lord open doors and close some too.  We Pray for God to give you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 



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