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Greetings from Guatemala, Well I have a few things to tell you about this month. First off lets talk about the housing project at Pastores we got all 12 toilets installed and they are building the dividing walls between toilet pila and shower. You may be wondering what a pila is? Well it is that blue square thing in the photos. It holds a reservoir of water in the middle and has a wash bay on each side of that, it is what Guatemalans use to wash clothes and dishes out of. The workers at Pastors tied in the drainage for them I just installed the faucet to fill them up with. We are getting very close for the people to move into their new houses, they are trying to have them finished and ready to in before Christmas.

OK next is a fun thing we helped with at the Church, Iglesia Del Camino. On Wednesday night they have started feeding the homeless people of Antigua. Many of these people are intoxicated when they come to the church for food, but that is ok, we just love on them and give them a good meal. We pray with them, encourage them anyway that we can. Try to help get their life back in order, and try to influence them to live for the Lord. This last Wednesday there were about 50 people who showed up. One man asked Jesus to be his Savior. Praise God.

I am now attempting to drill my third well at Charlie’s place and not having the best of luck. I am now at 105 feet but have hid a void in the earth and have lost circulation again. I have talked with my brother about this problem and think I have a solution for it. I am going to attempt to cement it off and the will have to go back and drill through my cement plug. Please pray that this works. Regardless I have got to come up with a working solution for this problem, as there are many voids underground here.

Georgette and I went to Charlie and Pat’s to stay for 2 days for a missionaries conference . It was sponsored by Freedom Ministries, Gateway Church of Southlake, Tx. There was a total of 22 missionaries there. There was lots of good food and talks and prayer time. We both feel like it was a much need time of fellowship with other missionaries and being freed up for a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior. The speakers were Bob Hamp, Alen Smith, and Tommy Briggs. Great men of God, full of useful information on how to live freely, and letting God work through you. Wishing I could have spent a week with them instead of just two days.

We got to go and have Christmas with the kids at Casa Shalom Orphanage. They had a blast with a pizza party first then opening gifts and a fireworks show. All paid for with teams from the States, The team who was here right now was with pastor Harold Hanks. They are form Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. Thank you for giving to the children.

We are soon coming to Texas for Christmas and really looking forward to this trip home to spend time with family and friends. We plan to be speaking to a few churches while home this time too.

Our prayer request for this month are as follows, safety traveling home, Georgette’s english classes that will be starting up next year, for all the kids at Casa Shalom as they will be going to homes of pastors and other family members for the Holiday seasons. For the feeding program at Rio Bravo as it expands. For the water ministry as it expands. Please join us in giving praise to God for a great year, and many lives touched here in Guatemala.

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