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Merry Christmas to you all from Guatemala, we pray that you all have a Blessed holiday season. We apologize for not having a newsletter last month we had computer technical difficulties, But I think we have that all worked out now. We have been really busy with school being out, we started repairs on the school and giving everything a fresh coat of paint. In front of the school they used a tent to give extra space for events and to get in out of the rain, well I have built a permanent structure in front of the school and soon they will have it covered. Also the workers have poured a lot of concrete mixed by hand to give more patio area in front. It should be so much nicer for events with these latest additions.

We have a new ministry opportunity that opened up to us, Some other missionary friends took us to Casa Shalom orphanage, We got to meet the young couple, volunteers from Florida, Josh and Jessica Hanson. They were having problems with water shortage and posted it on there blog spot. As a result through your support we were able to help them with both potable water and purified water. We bought a Honda water pump and tanks to haul on the truck and a tank to deliver to the orphanage. This is for the purified water, We just pay for a truck to deliver potable water, 2000 gal. at a time. Right now there are 58 kids at the orphanage. Here is their web site if you would like to learn more about Casa Shalom. It is Jessica told us today that their well should be repaired by January.

Because of you some very poor people in a small remote village called Santo Domingo had a better Christmas, We went with Pat and Charlie, Ruth and Juan Miguel, and their children. There were three Pinatas provided by the Renyolds, Clothing, shoes, and toys from Ruth’s Family and we gave out 36 bags of food, the bags had rice, beans, corn, oatmeal, and cooking oil. God has blessed us so much we just are trying to pass that blessing on to others.

We also took a tank of purified water and gave out free drinking water, So many people here do not get good water, they buy food and drink bad water. While the kids were enjoying a puppet show, Juan Miguel brought forth a message for the adults. All in all it was a great day.

We have been here for one year last October, We feel and know you are praying for us. We want to Thank you so much for that covering in prayer, There have been a few hard days missing family and friends, and we know we could not have made it without those prayers.

The prayer needs for this month are, during this time of year crime is on the increase so please pray for our safety, continued learning of the language, Casa Shalom and the water problems, work at the school. Thank you in advance for the those prayers.

God bless your holiday season we love you all.

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