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Seasons Greetings from Guatemala! We pray that you will have a blessed holiday season and joyous New year in Christ. We want to thank you all again for the prayers, love and support. We couldn’t have done this without you. We’ve been busy at the school sanding repainting desk, gates, playground equipment and building trim in preparation for next school year. Charlie is in the process of getting 220v wiring at the school so we can start the welding of the guard railing for the second level. Construction on the upper level is going good, hopefully it will be completed before school starts again. We have a little helper who’s name is Pedro Antonio, he is 18 years old, and is a really hard worker. He will be helping us paint the upper level and the safety railing after the construction is complete. We will be painting the swing set and playground equipment multiple colors soon. Will post pictures on web site when completed.

We had to go to the Mexican frontier (border) to update our permit on the pickup and had quite and interesting trip back. We were going slowly because of a traffic jam through a town at a busy intersection. The city police had a guy pulled over and the guy was on foot and tried running from the police and ran right into the side of our pickup. We thought we had killed him, we pulled over and Bob got out of the pickup, by that time the guy had gotten up and was still trying to get away from the police. They finally got him under control and waved us on. They didn’t even get our name license number or anything. Gods Hand on us was evident that day. The rest of the trip was uneventful and got our permit and made it home safely.

For our safety purposes we got a small vehicle it is a Kia sportage 2001 very common in this country. Bobs pickup is too large for some areas and also very enticing for would-be thief. We will still be using the pickup for work purposes.

Construction on the restoration center is going quite well, they are about to pour the floor and walls are up on the second level. Projected completion date is sometime in March, just in time for spring teams to arrive. Some mission teams are already scheduled for spring break.

We are settled in our house, just need to touch up some paint we messed up when we moved in and also add some personal touches to it.We still need curtains in the dining room, but everything else is really homey. We’ve been working on the yard,Bob has cut down some limbs off of the HUGE pine tree next door,(with our land-ladys approval)that hang over into our yard and make a mess. I have calla lilies growing in the yard, and also hydrangeas. I can’t believe what you can grow here! Plants I paid a lot of money for back home grow everywhere here.

We are thanking God for internet because we download Russelle’s messages and listen to them through our week. We are attending church at Vision de fe (vision of faith) love the praise and worship but can’t fully understand the sermons yet. They have a really neat widows ministry they have just started. We feel lead to have a part in it.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with Pat and Charlie Kambria and Kirsi had traditional turkey and dressing and all the trimmings. We will spend Christmas with Pat and Charlie, their housekeeper Marta and her boys. We send love and Blessings to all our family and our brothers and sisters in the Lord. we miss all Love Bob and Georgette.

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