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Greetings to you all, greetings from Guatemala. We are so happy to be able to tell you all that God has been doing with and through us, our teams, and the people of Guatemala. We have so much to tell you about, four teams this month.

We hade a return visit from First Baptist Church DeFuniack Springs, Fl. It was a pretty large group of 22 people. We had a wonderful time with them and for lots of ministry work done. We built 4 houses, installed stoves, took food to families that they had already built homes for in the past. Visited a new child day care center in Santa Maria de Jesus and they painted a mural on the walls there. We climbed a volcano with some of them. With these teams it is giving us the opportunity to keep building relationships with these lovely people.


Next we had Pioneer Drive Baptist Church from Abilene, Tx. They also were 22 people. You may notice that some of our teams are getting larger in numbers. They are and while that makes it a bit of a challenge for us, we feel God is growing our ministry and that is something that happens, so we will embrace it. With PDBC we also built 4 houses, installed stoves, worked at a new orphanage, went to Campos de Suenos for their youth program on Thursday, helped feed the kids and played soccer with them, again just building relationships with them all.

Next we had Steve Pepper and his grandson Hayden come down from Knox city, Tx. With them we built one house, installed stoves, served the kids lunch at Santa Maria de Jesus, visited San Cristobal el Alto. Over all we had a great time with them.

Then lastly we had some visitors from McAllen, Tx. Dennis and Lisa Blum. Lisa had been to Guatemala before with Living Water ministry, but Dennis hasn’t been here before. We installed 4 stoves, helped with the youth program at Santa Maria de Jesus, and went to the dump ground at Escuintla, Guatemala. We made chicken noodle soup to pass out to the 25 families who live in the dump, while Gary and Anita Senesac’s daughters taught bible classes at the local school.

Speaking of Gary and Anita we are happy to introduce this family to you as they are new help to our ministry. They will be helping us with home visits to the families, building houses, installing stoves, and helping with hosting teams in the future. Going around the table left to right is Obed, Debbie, Ana, Eli was asleep, Rachel, Anita, Georgette, Grace, and Gary.


Also, we want to tell you all about another new addition to Servants Hearts Ministries, We now have a newborn, his name is Eli, Obed and Ana’s new son. He and mom are doing well. He was born Friday the 31st of July. Praising God for little Eli.


The prayer request for this month, please pray for the way that God is growing this ministry, that we would be faithful with what God  is doing here. Please pray for Obed, Ana, Debbie, & Eli. Please pray for Gary, Anita, Rachel, & Grace. Bob and Georgette.  Please join us in giving praise for all that he has done with all the teams and work that we were able to do for His Glory. 

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