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Greetings from Texas, yes that is right we are in Texas and will be going back to Guatemala the 1st of Sept. I want to apologize for not getting out a July newsletter, but we will soon find out that we have been really busy. While in the states we have been to Canada to be with Kellie and Neil, as they had their third boy and mainly just helped with baby sitting. We stayed with them for two weeks. We had a great time playing with the grandsons. We took them to the beach and Kayaking.

Next we drove from Canada to Wyoming to go to Church builders, a very beautiful drive, Dubois Wyoming is a very nice little community a little south of Yellowstone. So we helped build the church and had a great family reunion with all our church builder friends, then after it was over Georgette and I rented a car and drove through yellowstone took in the sites of all the beauty that the Lord has made. Then we drove to Texas through Colorado more beautiful country. Thank you Lord.

The weekend of August 6,7th and 8th we took my Dads camper trailer and went to Rock the Desert, in Midland Texas that was so much fun There was about 16 bands and 3 speakers who brought the Word of God. A wonderful time. Just to name a few of the bands and ones that I like the most was Family Force Five, Decemberadio, Hawk Nelson, Casting crowns, Skillet, LaCrae. and Down Here. We meet up with Kerry and Trina Rodgers there and got to have a nice visit with them while at the concert. There is something to be said about 18,000 people praising God all at the same time.

Now that we are here in Texas I have been blessed to be able to work on building cattle guards for Kindermorgan, and wow it is very hot, but it is ok what else should you expect for the middle of August in West Texas. Lots of welding while Georgette plays with the grand kids visits with the girls and lays out by the pool. No she has been working too, doing yard work at our old house and cleaning up a house that April is going to be moving into soon. This work came to me through the good heart of Jerry Webb. It will give us the funds needed to come back home for Christmas this year. I am going to try to build two of them so I’m half way there.

We were happy to be here when First Baptist Church voted in pastor Clayton Griggs and happy to have him, and his family.

Also before we head back to Guatemala we would like to go riding motorcycles again with Mark and Sheila Harless and other friends.

Then we are planning on going to Dallas to spend some time with Georgette’s sister Anita and catch a Rangers game. Great times while here.

Please join us in prayer for these things, First Baptist Church in transitions with a new pastor, our grandson Donald as he recuperates, for the rest of our time here. Thank you for lifting these up to the Lord.

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